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Death in Norfolk
Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries, No 7
Ashley Gardner

Sept 2011 / ISBN: 1466466006
Historical Mystery / Regency / Norfolk, VA- 1817

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Gabriuel Lacey had fled his Norfolk home and an abusive father to join the army. He returns to rebuild his family estate with the assistance of his fiancée Lady Donata Breckinridge. He rides up to his estate before joining a house party to deliver a message to Brigader Easton from Jason Denis who is a crime lord. Lacey figures he is delivering a death threat from Denis and assists Easton to escape.

When Lacey and Donata arrive at the family home they find Denias' men tearing down the walls hoping to find the art Easton was supposed to have smuggled from war ravaged France, art which Denis sells on the black market.

Lacey learns he has additional questions to which he has to find the answers: where is Cooper, Denis' right hand man? Is he connected to the missing art?

Why is the village church's silver, missing and believed stolen, hidden behind his kitchen·s chimney?

Will the white dress in his mother's bedroom lead to the discovery of the village girl missing years ago?

What will he find out about his mother's life in the journal that Donata found hidden beneath the floorboards in his mother·s bedroom?

Captain Lacey has returned here after a long hiatus in a well written and well plotted story. He is now a strong man of honor and believer in justice, He has a strong supporting cast of characters with the atmosphere of the time portrayed. This is a welcome return.

Gardner·s previous books were released only as Kindle editions. Hopefully, subsequent adventures of Captain Lacey will be releases in print editions so everyone can experience Lacey·s adventures along with him.

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