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Publisher: Harper Audio / HarperCollins
Release Date: July 2004
ISBN: 0-06-072789-6
Format Reviewed: Audio book / Compact Disc (Abridged)
Suspense / Adventure
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Jo Rogers
Reviewer Notes:  Contains violence and graphic language

Sigma Force #1 
By James Rollins
Read by Dennis Boutsikaris

       Safia al-Maaz was the curator of the Kensington Wing of the British Museum. The Arabian antiquities housed there have cost the Kensington family dearly in both money and blood. More blood would be required the night of the storm that knocked out the power to that section of London.

       Safia awoke with a feeling of absolute terror. The night seemed alive with emergency vehicles. The strong lightning that walked about earlier seemed to have moved off for the moment. Still, there was too much light in the area for the power to be off. Safia unlocked her window and stuck her head out into the rainy night.

    What she saw filled her with shock and horror. A massive fire roared from the museum. Where the Kensington Wing had been, there was now a gaping hole in the walls and roof. Black smoke and flame billowed from the gap. Safia went to see what had happened. Surveillance cameras showed how ball lightning had entered an ancient meteor, causing an explosion that had destroyed the entire wing and killed a security guard. Lady Kara Kensington mounted an expedition to find the answer to the riddle of why all this destruction happened. Was there truly a power source so potent that people would kill for it?

     Safia would discover, to her sorrow, that the American government and a traitor within it would be all too willing to kill for the power contained in that meteor. One side was even willing to kidnap her and force her to find the source of that power for them.

     Sandstorm is a thrilling story of the desire for power and the evil men will do to fill that craving. It is a story of betrayal, love and of power misused. Read by Dennis Boutsikaris, this is a story you will listen to again and again. You will never want to put it down.

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