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Murder of a Smart Cookie
Scumble River Mystery #7

by Denise Swanson

      What can this reviewer say other than Denise Swanson has done it again? In the seventh installment of the Agatha Award-Nominated Scumble River Series, school psychologist Skye Denison once again finds herself caught up in solving the strange happenings, especially murder, in her small town. This time, Skye is in charge of the Route 66 Yard Sale, and trying to organize it is a lot more difficult than dealing with the students she counsels in her school district. Neighbors fight among each other, even Skye's own mother!

Each book in the Scumble River series entertains readers, and Murder of a Smart Cookie does not deviate from Ms. Swanson's previous works. Skye Denison's character continues to be enhanced, and readers continue to feel like they know Skye and what makes her tick. The setting of the community yard sale makes humorous points and is different from many other mystery settings. Once again, Ms. Swanson has an uncanny way of making murder interesting, and making the reader want to read and read to find out whodunit.

Murder of a Smart Cookie is one of the best mysteries that this reviewer has read this year. Kudos to Ms. Swanson!

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Signet / Berkley
July 5, 2005

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Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2005
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