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Murder of a Real Bad Boy
Scumble River Mystery #8

by Denise Swanson

What do you do when you are recovering from a breakup with your boyfriend and you have inherited an old house that is falling down around your ears? Skye Denison has the perfect solution - she hires sexy contractor Beau Hamilton to renovate. Skye may have sworn off men, but who can deny Beau's qualifications?

Skye soon discovers how much trouble eye candy can turn into when Beau turns up murdered in her backyard. Skye now has to juggle a police chief who wants her heart, a brother and a best friend who are keeping secrets, a possibly haunted house, and the disappearance of her cat. Even bad boys deserve justice, and Skye is determined to find his killer and prove her innocence.

Murder of a Real Bad Boy is the eighth installment in the Scumble River Mystery series. Even though this is the first book I've read of this series, I had no trouble following along with the characters and storyline. This novel stands very well on its own. The secondary characters were brilliant and the murderer remained a mystery until the last few pages.

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The Book

August 2006
Romance - Mystery

The Reviewer

Jennifer Glick
Reviewed 2006
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