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Wife of Moon
Wind River Reservation Mystery #10

by Margaret Coel

      A murder has taken place on an Arapaho Indian reservation in Wyoming and Father John O'Malley and Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden are asked to help solve it. They get caught up in what turns out to be at least two murders, one that happened several years ago on the reservation and the original one: the shooting of a descendent of a tribal chief. Are they connected? If so, can they solve it along with attorney Lone Eagle, who has been pursuing Vicky?

Wife of Moon contains a lot of action and character interaction. The murder mysteries could have only taken place on the Indian reservation. The setting and characterization clearly shows that Ms. Coel has spent some time with Native Americans. The mystery is not quickly solved. It did get a little confusing with the switching back and forth between the times, but not so much so as to take away from the overall story.

This reader has not had the pleasure of reading the other novels that Ms. Coel has written but she plans on reading others.

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The Book

September 2005
NOTE: Native American characters

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Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2006
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