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Black Order
Sigma Force #3

by James Rollins

James Rollins defies imagination in his twists and turns and making them all come together in a final conclusive story. This is not my favorite way of reading a novel and I had a hard time with it, because of the many jumps in location and changes of characters, however I did really enjoy the book as a whole and especially the story underneath. But it took me a while to get back into this book each time I had to put it down to live my life and go to work, and catching up is not my favorite part or pastime of reading. After about the first ten chapters, I was able to figure out where I was before I had to put the book down, and then it was enjoyable reading with a lot of action and the confusion was less than in the beginning of the book. Of course, I am an older, not yet retired person, who has lots of thing going on in my life, so sitting down to read a book from cover to cover is not generally a possibility for me, and that may be where I had trouble with this one, because it is a very long book, coming in at over 508 pages, I just didn't have the time necessary to read it all at once. It took lots of brainpower to unravel this story line and keep up with it, so now on to the story……

Sigma Force Commander Grayson Pierce is in Copenhagen looking at a particular rare and historical book, not knowing what it contains or why it is being bid on by ruthless killers and experimenters, who are descendants of Himmler and the studies of genetics and evolution during WWII in the search for the perfect Aryan Race. Was Intelligent Design a coming thing during the last days of WWII or is it even possible that evolution and Darwin were correct and God has nothing to do with it at all?

Lisa Cummings is an American Doctor who is on Mount Everest doing a climb when she is whisked away to a remote Monastery in Nepal to be witness and physician to an assault and murder of a whole monastery of people tucked away in the mountains by an out of control group of scientists located in a kind of cave like Shangri-La at a nearby mountain. She is almost one of the victims by the people of the monastery, who have become violent killers because of a malady brought on by a radiation like event that came from the scientific experiments that took place in the cave where they ultimately end up, only to try to help those people who are trying to kill them, try to survive to finish the experiments and come to conclusions that may or may not be possible.

There is much, much more to the story and to go into details would spoil and give away many of the events that come up. Suffice to say that people who love a great story, the likes of Cussler, Dan Brown or Ludlum, will love this book that deals with quantum life and Intelligent Design vs. the Big Bang theory and the creating of monsters of unspeakable types through that same Intelligent Design that was possibly being worked on during WWII and brought forward to conclusions that are not very pretty. It is a fascinating book and hard to put down but not an easy read by any means. Just be prepared to go into it with a pen and note pad so that you can jot down the main characters and story line before you stop reading for the day. Darwin 's family Bible plays an important part as well as the notations of Runes and symbols of the Druids. All in all, a gripping, well written, fast paced story that I totally recommend. Black Order is a must read if you love the historically possible. There really could be a horrible Black Order with an agenda that would change forever our world.

Rollins is an upcoming force to be reckoned with in the writing world. This book would be an excellent movie and I am sure that there are thoughts about this in the works right now, even as I write this review. Dive into the book, you won't be disappointed at all. I wasn't.

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The Book

May 29, 2007
Mass Market Paperback


Spy Thriller

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Claudia Turner VanLydegraf
Reviewed 2007
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