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Buckingham Palace Gardens
Charlotte and Thomas Pitt #25

by Anne Perry

      Pitt is summoned to Buckingham Palace in the early hours of the morning; a prostitute has been murdered, discovered in a linen cupboard with her throat cut and her body slashed open. The Queen is expected home any day, but meanwhile the Prince of Wales is entertaining four men and their wives while they discuss the building of the Cape to Cairo railway. The dead woman was one of three hired for the evening and surely nobody knew her previously, so why has she been killed? Pitt enlists Gracie to work undercover as a maid and find out what he cannot to solve the crime before the Queen’s return.

Anne Perry’s books always remind me of why I started reading historical crime in the first place: a love of detective stories, and a curiosity to find out how this was done before modern police methods made it easier. This is a quintessential example of that, managing to convey a good feeling of the period while being 100% pure detective story. Perry is a mistress at giving her stories a sense of mounting tension, as the reader finds out more about the case clue by clue, distracted by red herrings and finally stunned by more than one surprise. It is not a series that cannot change and grow either; at one stage it was becoming rather too cozy and even a shade repetitive, but now Pitt is in Special Branch the tension is back. Perhaps there is nothing new about another dead prostitute - quite the opposite - but with a writer of this caliber while I was reading the book I was not aware of anything but the chase to find out whodunit. Long may Ms Perry continue to show us how it is done.

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The Book

April 2008
0755320603 / 9780755320608
Historical Mystery / 1893 London, England
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NOTE: Some gory parts
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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