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Dorchester Terrace
Charlotte and Thomas Pitt #27
Anne Perry

April 2012 / ISBN 9780345510624
Historical Mystery, Victorian period,

Reviewed by Bob Walch

This latest in the long running, popular Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series finds Thomas wondering if he is being set up so he won't interfere with some type of devastating event that is about to occur.

The head of Britain's Special Branch has gotten wind of a plot to blow up the rail line that Austrian Duke Alois Habsburg will soon travel to visit his royal English kin.

Thomas wonders why anyone would destroy an entire train just to kill an obscure Austrian royal. Could this be just a diversion to focus the Royal Branch's attention away from some more calamitous event? Perhaps!

At the same time, an old woman, who in her younger days was a spy, is nearing her end. As she sinks into dementia, the fear of what she might reveal about the past has the poor woman tied in knots. And, on a completely different level, the dazzling Croatian wife of an influential British power broker is harboring her own secrets, which could have some international consequences.

Both these women hold the key to dealing with the quandary Thomas Pitt faces but, without the assistance of his clever wife Charlotte, the befuddled policeman may not be able to sift through the mess before disaster strikes.

Set in Victorian England, this series has been a favorite of those readers who love suspense stories that feature a rich cast of likeable characters and masterfully designed, intricate plots. If this sounds like your "cup of tea," you'll definitely want to spend some time with Charlotte and Thomas Pitt.

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