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Death At Dawn
US Title: A Foreign Affair
Liberty Lane Book #1

by Caro Peacock

      Liberty Lane lives up to her name, being a radical like her father Thomas. What they lack in funds they make up for in friends and freethinking. But while Liberty stays with a disapproving aunt and awaits news of her father, a note comes that he has been shot dead in a duel in Calais. Escaping across the channel to do her sad duty she ponders the fact that Thomas strongly disapproved of duels - so how did her really die? The answer will send her off as a spy on an adventure involving a plot concerning people in high places and some undercover work.

If, like this reviewer, you enjoy historical adventures as well as crime novels, then this ought to appeal. It boasts a dynamic female protagonist, sinister spies, plots surrounding historical characters and other exciting stuff. There arenít many books like this so it is one to savor, possessing as it does plenty of color and tactile descriptions of places and people as told by Liberty herself. It is not a short book and despite its themes not fast-paced, but rather takes the time to go the scenic route, which is skillfully done and makes for a more memorable tale. Unfortunately, it comes to a sudden and abrupt end engendering more questions than answers, and rather too obviously is merely book one in a series. Personally, I would have preferred to close the covers on a complete and satisfying ending rather than this breathless halt, and I felt that this spoiled the enjoyment of an otherwise fine novel. Remedy this in subsequent books and this will be an excellent series.

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The Book

Harper Collins
7 January 2008 (US title 25 March 2008)
9780007244171 (UK) / 9780061445897 (US)
Historical Mystery / 1838 Calais, London and Windsor US || UK

The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
© 2008