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Friend of the Devil
DCI Alan Banks Mystery #17

by Peter Robinson

      Detective Inspector Annie Cabot is on loan to Spring Hill police station, District of Scarborough, Eastern Division. When the body of Karen Drew, a quadriplegic, is found in her wheelchair with her throat slashed, Anne is assigned the case. No motive seems to exist for the nursing home victim's death until Annie learns that Karen Drew is really Lucy Payne, partner of the Chameleon, a sadistic serial killer of young women. Her only clue is Karen / Lucy's only visitor, Mary, an unidentified woman.

At the same time Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks at North Yorkshire, Eastvale, is investigating the brutal death of Hayley Daniels, a nineteen-year-old girl. She was found raped and strangled in the Maze behind the market square. There are many suspects. When one of Banks’ squad is murdered in the Maze, Banks finds a link to the Drew murder and Drew's past. Banks and Annie try to work together despite their stormy romantic past. They must decide whether there might be two killers or whether all the murders are a reaction to the Chameleon's murders.

Just when I think he can't get any better (Piece of My Mind) Robinson pens Friend of the Devil and surpasses all he has written before. Peter Robinson is a master whether he is creating the atmosphere of the country, or the deep and thoughtful characters, or the complexities of the plot, or the suspense of the action.

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The Book

William Morrow / Harper Collins
February 28, 2008
13978006054379 / 10006054396
Mystery / British / Police procedural

The Reviewer

Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2008
© 2008