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The Lisbon Crossing
Second in the series of Jack Teller thrillers

by Tom Gabbay

      This suspense thriller is one of remarkable allure. It evokes the hard-boiled detective personas such as Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammett would have written, but with a mesmerizing feel of historical realism.

The character, Jack Teller (originally seen in Tom Gabbay's first novel, The Berlin Conspiracy - also reviewed on is a former stuntman who attends to the needs of a screen star visiting Lisbon. Caught up in Hitler's war machinations, Jack tries to find Lili Sterne's old friend Eva - who doesn't seem to want to be found!

One of my favorite kinds of historical fiction, and almost a form of alternate history, this book uses real life characters such as Edward, Duke of Windsor, and his American wife Wallis Simpson, now known to have had serious ties with Hitler. 1940 was such a pivotal year in WWII, and like some of the classic writers of WWII fiction in the past, Gabbay gives us a sense of the epoch in words that recall the smells, tastes and sounds of a time period that is beginning to fade in conscious memory. There are still some three million surviving WWII vets, but for most of us, this war is becoming almost mythical in proportion, since 68 years have passed since 1940, and most of the survivors are in their 80's and beyond. In spite of this, or perhaps even because of this, Gabbay's tale is a fabulous read, full of history, clever imagery and spicy dialog.

If you enjoyed thrillers or war novels in the past, I recommend this one - it is the perfect read for escapism! However, even if you aren't normally a reader of detective mysteries, dip your toes into the waters of Jack Teller's world; you will be fascinated and surprised at its depth and fast-paced action. ENJOY!

The Book

April 2008
Suspense Thriller
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NOTE: Second review for new edition. Originally reviewed in hardcover

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Laura Strathman Hulka
Reviewed 2008
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