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The Doomsday Key
Sigma Force Novels #6

by James Rollins


Wow, a fascinating book!

Gary Pierce is a Sigma Force operator who is very good at his job, uniquely qualified to be one of the best at the type of investigative research whose outcome will satisfy his superiors.

This investigation will take him to three continents and span centuries, from a horrific murder in a church in Rome, to a ghastly murder in a research facility in Africa, and multiple murders in the United States.  What do they have in common? What could be so powerful that it spans decades? And what would make someone go to such extremes to silence all talk about it?  All of these questions will be answered as the book progresses.

The key here is what these events have in common.  A mark found on on each of the victims is from a time centuries ago and means "waste."  Why all of a sudden is it being used again?  Why are all of these people being targeted and hunted like animals?  The Sigma Force team, which consists of Gray, Painter, Monk and Creed, will assess that and bring this case to closure.  It's what they find along the way that will fascinate yet appall you.

The great lengths that the mastermind behind these murders goes to are astonishing.  What is he trying to hide?  Is it so bad that he doesn't want anyone to find out what it is or what it can do, until it’s too late?

Each member of the Sigma Force team has a specialty and they will be called upon to use it in order to solve this twisted mystery.  Taking their normal lives for granted, they must showcase just who they are in order to put a stop to these murders.  Every ounce of strength and wit will be required to stop this madman, even if one of those within their group wasn't working two sides without anyone else's knowledge.  What is the double agent's role in all of this?  What does he need to prove and to whom?  Just keep an eye out for the quietest one of the bunch.  He is up to no good and the extremes that he will go to will surprise you.

James Rollins has always written very detailed books with storylines unlike any other author's.  This book is another in the same vein.  Well worth your time!

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The Book

William Morrow / Harper Collins
June 2009

The Reviewer

Sandie Vega
Reviewed 2009
© 2009