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The Devil Colony
A Sigma Force Novel , No 7
James Rollins

William Morrow
June 2011/ ISBN 9780061784781

Reviewed by Bob Walch

This latest thriller featuring the elite group of scientists and ex-special forces personnel goes deep into the Rocky Mountains where a long hidden cave holds a centuries-old secret that will have international repercussions if it is ever brought to light.

Hundreds of mummified bodies, along with some strange artifacts and gold plates with an unfathomable script, ignite a war among the nation’s most powerful intelligence agencies.

More to the point, the discovery also involves a clandestine group that wields unheard of power and sets in motion a chain reaction: a global geological meltdown. Having manipulated American history since the colonial period, the dark faction is deeply embedded in the country and isn’t about to give up its secrets without a deadly struggle.

James Rollins delves into questions about the truth hidden within the pages of the Book of Mormon and about a conspiracy of lies tied to the country’s most important founding documents and how the truth of those lies was locked into the Great Seal of the United States by Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

A gripping and totally engrossing read, The Devil Colony will have you shaking your head in wonder as you race from one page to the next. Don’t start this novel unless you are willing to give up some snooze time since you won’t be able to set it down!

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