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The Deathly Portent
Lady Fan Mystery #2
Elizabeth Bailey

Berkley Trade
April 3, 2012 / ISBN: 0425245675
Historical Mystery / Late 18th century / England / Amateur Sleuth of Privileged society

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Lord and Lady Fan are back for their second mystery. Recently married the two are traveling when their carriage becomes trapped in the mud. Otillia (Tilley) ventures into the village of Witherley just in time to hear about the Witch who predicted the local blacksmith's death. The burned out rubble gets the better of her curiosity and once there she decides to stay and solve the mystery. Otillia and Francis view the body and decide its murder. Next suspects are noted and Otillia takes up with Cassie, a charming, innocent character who is a Seer of sorts. But the pastor, who houses her after local youths attempt to stone her, believes Cassie's Second Sight is a gift from God. And there is dear Francis (Fan), his temper tested often as Otillia bends the barriers of society in an attempt to get answers from the villagers. But his pride and love for her overrides it all. Otillia is a persuasive, intelligent woman born before her time. She has a way with people and mysteries, as readers quickly discover.

The Deathly Portent is a clever whodunit full of intrigue and high emotions. In fact it's a substantial read for a trade paperback. The author has packed the mystery full of atmosphere, dialogue and characters rich in historical detail. It's amazing. Expect to immerse yourself with the hope of limited interruptions. And most of all expect to get your monies worth. Highly Recommended.

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