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Flesh and Blood
Kay Scarpetta Series #22
By Patricia Cornwell

William Morrow
2014 / ISBN 9780062325341
Thriller / Forensics / FBI

Reviewed by Bob Walch


Dr. Kay Scarpetta returns for an investigation that mixes pleasure with work. A serial marksmen whose deadly accuracy has dispatched a number of victims in several states has killed a person just minutes from Kate's home in Cambridge. Is there a connection between the crime and the seven new 1981 pennies she found on the wall behind her home?

Juggling the investigation with a planned vacation to Miami, Kate is going to discover that a shipwreck off Florida's coast holds the key to a mystery that will touch upon her own family and perhaps bring a deadly adversary to justice…or not!

Many readers think Patricia Cornwell went to the well once too often with this 22nd novel featuring Dr. Kay Scarpetta. Check online at Amazon and you'll see there are quite a few negative responses, so you'll have to make the call.

My advice? I thought the book was OK but not as good as some of the early efforts. But then again, the author has over 100 million copies of her books in print, she has won a whole shelf of awards and has been writing since 1990. Cornwell is not going to hit a home run every time she walks up to the plate!

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