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Tailing A Tabby
Bookmobile Cat Mystery #2
Laurie Cass

July 2014/ ISBN 0451415477
Mystery – cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Minnie Hamilton had just dropped off her volunteer on the bookmobile, and she decided to take the scenic route back to the Chilson District Library. Eddie, her rescue cat, loved nothing more than riding shotgun with Minnie on the bookmobile. He had a proper carrier now – no more picnic basket for him. A few minutes into the ride, the bookmobile is flagged down by a woman. She thinks her husband had a stroke. Her cell phone was not working and they had no landline. As fast as the bookmobile could travel, Minnie got to the lady’s house and they maneuvered the husband onto the floor of the bookmobile. Minnie called the hospital to alert them of the incoming patient. Then she floored it to the hospital. Minnie bonded with Barb and Russell (Cade) McCade during a visit she paid them at the hospital. So it was no wonder that Barb called Minnie, when Cade went missing from the rehab center he was staying at a few days later. It seems the police found Cade standing over a dead woman. The police think they found the killer. However, the medical examiner’s report shows that the timing was wrong for it to have been Cade. Minnie will have to find the real killer or there will always be talk about Cade getting off a murder charge. Minnie had better be careful trying to solve this murder or she could end up overdue.

Things to ponder: Why has Eddie started shredding the newspapers? Who set Cade up as the murderer? Will Steven find out about Minnie’s other volunteer on the bookmobile?

There is always something happening in Chilson, MI. You can bet that Minnie and Eddie will always be right in the thick of things. I love how Minnie will do just about anything for her friends. This book was almost impossible to put down. I found myself reading well into the night. I needed to find out whodunit. The book is well-plotted and will keep you guessing until the very end. The story is filled with humor and warmth and some misguided matchmaking by Minnie’s aunt. So if you like your mystery to be filled with books, then you should be reading Tailing A Tabby.

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Reviewed 2014