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Bad Housekeeping
Agnes and Effie #1
Maia Chance

Crooked Lane
June 13, 2017 /ISBN 978-1-68331-167-6

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Agnes Blythe is at odds about what her future will bring. She’s been unceremoniously dumped by her professor boyfriend and is back living with her father. Her great-aunt Effie comes to town with a grand plan to bring the dilapidated Stagecoach Inn back to life. Effie has inherited it and is rather at odds herself. Agnes agrees to help Effie with the work, but almost immediately they discover the body of Kathleen Todd and earn themselves places at the top of the list of suspected killers.

The ladies know they’ve been framed but the police don’t believe them. Ergo, they must investigate and find the real murderer before the murderer murders them! Their efforts are amateur and awkward, to say the least. Bad thing after bad thing keeps happening, and I began to wonder if they’d ever solve the crime!

What a hilarious debut to a new series. As over the top as some scenes were, I found that I laughed so hard I snorted, and I was so invested in this story that I just couldn’t put it down. Cozy mysteries often fit into the same box with the same type of story lines, characters, and likely outcomes. Not Bad Housekeeping. You couldn’t find a more unique and entertaining cozy if you put up a neon light and advertised for one!

I’ve read a book or two by Maia Chance in another series, but after the sheer joy of reading Bad Housekeeping, I am on a mission to obtain copies of everything this witty and imaginative author has had published! I highly recommend that you do, too!

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