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Final Resting Place
Lincoln & Speed Series #3
BY Jonathan F. Putnam

Crooked Lane
July 10, 2018/ ISBN

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

The political scene in 1838 Springfield, Illinois is a hotbed of discord marked by violence and ill-will. The upper-class however have thrown their annual summer gala to celebrate the Fourth of July. The partisan divide is vast and many people feel it can never be healed. Abraham Lincoln, still a young man just shy of 30 years of age, remains a fair and just man.

When a local politician is murdered during the fireworks celebration and Lincoln’s political rival Henry Truett is charged with the crime Lincoln and his best friend Joshua Speed decide to investigate.

The complicated situation is made further complex by the sudden appearance of Lincoln’s father and stepbrother. Soon after anonymous letters begin to surface in the local press and dire threats are made towards Lincoln and his loved ones.

Jonathan F. Putnam has graced readers with a historical masterpiece. The place, the people, and the time are artistically drawn and I found myself becoming emotionally involved in Lincoln’s life, as well as intrigued by the intensity of the still young nation.

While this is not an on-the-edge-of-your-seat thriller, it is indeed an exciting read. In many ways, the book feels like a history class comes alive.

This novel is pure gold for mystery buffs and history devotees. In my humble opinion, Final Resting Place deserves a spot of honor in your home library and a prominent place on the very top of your to-be-read list this summer!

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