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Liberty Lane Mysteries – Book IX
Caro Peacock

Severn House
31 January 2018 /US copy out 1 March 2018 / ISBN 9780727887757

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 

Liberty Carmichael (nee Lane) has been kidnapped! Snatched from the house where she was having an evening meal with friends of her husband Robert and taken to an unknown location. It is now 1847 and Liberty is a contented mother of two young children, still doing the odd investigation but mostly concerned with more domestic things. Now she must free herself and discover who her captors are and why they want her to write notes to her husband assuring him of her survival, but only if he follows orders...

This one certainly hits the ground running with Liberty incarcerated and looking for a means of escape. The story is told alternately in her own words and from a third person viewpoint when dealing with other characters such as her husband and friends Amos and Tabby. We have certainly jumped forward since the last book when she was on her honeymoon and to say too much about the story would spoil the surprises, of which there are several. You can usually trust Ms Peacock (aka Gillian Linscott) to come up with a lively tale and this one does not disappoint as the action happens on three fronts. Liberty has to get free and discover why she has been kidnapped, her friends have to find her and solve more than one murder and Robert has to fulfil the demands on the notes if he wants to see his wife again. As well as all this adventure, there is the interesting backdrop of the building of the Houses of Parliament and House of Lords following their destruction by fire. If you haven’t tried this series yet, you will need to start at the beginning for best results, but you have a treat in store. One historical mystery series I hope will run and run.

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