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Bookmobile Mystery #2
BY Nora Page

Crooked Lane978-1-64385-003-0
May 7, 2019/ ISBN
Mystery / Cozy

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Cleo Watkins is a librarian in Catalpa Springs, Georgia. While she loves to get out and drive the bookmobile, Words on Wheels, she has been kept busy with overseeing renovations to the library after the damage done by a storm. She’s also grooming her protégé, Leanna, to one day take over her position. Leanna is furthering her education and should be an ideal fit. Library Board president, Mercer Whitty, has different ideas. He is smitten with Belle Beauchamp who, after retiring from corporate branding, has rebranded herself as an outreach innovator for libraries. This seems like a big problem for Cleo, but as it turns out, Belle is the least of her current worries.

Dixie Huddleston has been a thorn in Cleo’s side for over 40 years. She is rude, selfish, loud and determined to get her own way about everything. Dixie checked out a library book titled, Luck and Lore decades ago and never returned it. She goes as far as offering to return it and then reneging just to stick it to Cleo again. Cleo tells the story of the book with the $800 fine to a newspaper reporter who is writing an article about the upcoming reopening of the library. She does not name Dixie as the delinquent patron, but everyone in town knows who it is. Dixie claims that death is coming for her and she wants to give the book back as part of settling her affairs. Dixie is superstitious and among her claims of omens says she saw the Grim Reaper outside of her window.

Dixie and her gentleman friend, Henry, go to Dixie’s home to collect the book, but when they arrive, they find a locked pantry. Unlocking the pantry and opening the door, they discover a swarm of bees. They also find Dixie on the floor, obviously dead. Because of their long-standing feud, Cleo is cast in the role of a suspect. Determined to clear her name and to also find justice for Dixie, Cleo once again puts on her sleuthing cap and works to find the killer.

I enjoyed this book as well as the first in the series because I love a good Southern mystery featuring a librarian, a cat, and quirky local characters. Initially, I had trouble with the pacing of this story, but once I got far enough in to have an investment in the characters, it moved right along at a satisfactory clip.

As well as a solid murder mystery, there is a hearty dose of humor and relationships which continue to build. What’s not to like about a book that hits all of those marks? Nothing. It’s all good!

While fine as a stand-alone, I was glad to have read the first book and recommend that readers do the same.

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