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Publisher: Eos 
Release Date: September 30, 2003 
ISBN: 0-06-001315-X 
Format Reviewed: Hardcover 
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Genre: Fantasy 
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Jo Rogers 

Reviewer Notes:
Mild Language, Violence

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Monstrous Regiment (Review 1)
A Novel of DiscWorld
By Terry Pratchett

     What happens when the religion of an entire country descends into the realm of stupidity and takes the government with it? If you're in the land of Borogravia on DiscWorld, comedy will certainly ensue.

      Nuggan is the official god of Borogravians, though he is somewhat inconsistent about the do's and don'ts of his followers. For instance, babies and the color blue have recently been added to the list of Abominations to Nuggan, though the sky is blue and babies are necessary to perpetuate the population of believers. Thus all but the diehard Nugganites just pray to their Duchess, who sits on the throne of Borogravia. At least she does, if the rumors of her death are not true.

     That is the reason Borogravia is at war with neighboring Zlobenia. The crown prince of Zlobenia is the heir of the Duchess' throne-providing she's dead, of course. The prince wants to know if Auntie Duchess is indeed alive. The Borogravians want him to mind his own business, but the war is going badly and the Borogravian recruiters are desperate for volunteers. Things are so bad that the promised shilling is no longer silver, but a paper IOU.

     Polly Perks doesn't care about all that. She only wants to find her brother. Under the disguise of Oliver Perks, she joins the army. She is joined by a vampire, a troll, an Igor and a few human men. Her band of recruits is led by Sergeant Jackrum and they embark on an adventure that will keep you in stitches-especially if you need a new arm or leg, which the Igor will gladly sew on from the nearest cadaver.

     So pick up a copy of Monstrous Regiment and laugh your way through another journey to DiscWorld.