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The Shadow of Tyr
Book Two of the Mirage Makers

by Glenda Larke

      In this sequel to Heart of the Mirage (also reviewed on this site) Ligea Gayed has returned to Tyr to have her child and devote her energies to overthrowing the corrupt Tyranian regime. Due to the trouble encountered in Kardiastan, when her son Arrant is born she soon learns that he only appears to have intermittent powers.† However, she has other concerns, such as the revolution; but is winning going to solve all her problems?

Ligea narrated the first book, but this is more than just her story so a third person viewpoint is used.† In my first review, I mentioned how although this is entertaining fare, the plotline is unoriginal even though Ms Larke has the talent to make it all seem fresh and new.† I imagined the sequel would mainly be about the revolution with victory (or a cliffhanger ending) in the final chapter.† I could just imagine how the tale would unfold too - but how pleasant it is to be wrong!† I donít want to give too much away but the decisive moment comes before the middle of the book and then... things get more interesting, and more original.† This impressed me, and although fantasy is invariably plot centered, this book is just as concerned with the interesting characters, especially that of Ligea who continues to fascinate.† I hope we donít have to wait too long for the third book - great stuff.

The Book

Orbit (Little, Brown)
November 2007
Fantasy - Fantastic Location
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The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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