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A Romance Column
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

Introducing “I Confess 2”

My tirade of romance continues with a sequel to my first novel, “I Confess” a collection of twenty-two short stories of love and romance, and some happy ever after endings.  Stories about reality and finding Mr. Right and sometimes Mr. Wrong. 

The short story is a form of flash fiction according to the Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and it’s less than 1,000-2,000 words.  And according to Merriam-Webster Online “it’s an invented prose narrative shorter than a novel dealing with a few characters a short mood, and a quick resolution.”

The short story form I find fascinating, and I love the ease and serenity of creating a character, giving it a conflict and finding a positive or negative solution at the end. A confession style, as me being the narrative, and confessing my sins about a relationship gone crazy, or finding true love against all the tremors of real love.

I wanted to continue the trend of more short stories, and “I Confess 2” is born.  A new saga of different stories with a few continuation from I Confess.”  Survival” is about a prostitute who finds love against all odds.  I wrote this story after watching my favorite movie “Pretty Woman.”  It’s the longest story in the book, and it’s my favorite.

Battered Love” is about spousal abuse verbally and physically. This is a constant issue between couples, so I wanted to bring this to the forefront in a story.  “Sins of the Father” is about a preacher who can preach like yesterday, but is so sinful it takes his wife to tell the congregation about his sins.  This one is another favorite of mine.

“Living Large 2” is a continuation of “Living Large” from “I Confess."  I am devoted to showing the world that size does not matter, and the world can’t just be shaped with petite women.  We come in all colors, shapes, and forms, and this is the blend of romance, not the color of your skin or the size of your body, should be the topic. Your inner beauty is the input. Rashawn, Maureen, Jasmine and Linda are four women who are happy with themselves and started a group to give each other support as beautiful big women. Linda is the newest member of the group and the four women deal with issues.

“Desperate Housewives” about three women living in their cul-de-sac, “Horrific Moments” about a woman who can’t live for the future because her past continues to sexually haunt her.  “Sexual Desire” a sex kitchen on the loose; “Wives” about two women in love with the same man; “Eye of the Beholder” a gorgeous woman who suffers a tragic accident to realize that beauty isn’t everything. 

“Relationship Diary, My Perfect Husband, Wedding In Ten Days, A Woman Scorned, The Women’s Circle, Lies by Association 2, The Root of all Evil, Faith, Reasons, Deceptive Tendencies, Who am I?  I Am the Bomb, Whatever and Relationship Diary,” are the nature of this book.

When you pick up “I Confess 2” you will enter the world of romance, and the curtain will be laid back as some eroticism takes over the soul. You will keep turning the page in excitement of what is going to happen, and if your guess is the right conclusion to the end of the story.

“I Confess 2” will entertain you, motivate you, capture you, shock you, thrill you, test you, make you smile, laugh, cry, entice you, break you, intrigue you, suspense you, and make you believe that love does exist and romance is the key to everlasting love.

So if you are searching for an anthology of confession short stories for the soul, “I Confess 2” is the right book for you.  Take a parachute ride in the clouds where the sunshine is shining and your mate is waiting for you.  Turn the corner, and walk left and right because he’s right there waiting for you.  Definitely take a ride with romance and “I Confess 2.”

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