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Mini Knitted Woodland
Sachiyo Ishii

Search Press
28 December 2014 / ISBN: 9781782210689
How-To Book s/ Knitting

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Last year I reviewed a copy of this author's excellent and innovative Mini Knitted Safari (also reviewed on this site) and here is the sequel. There are twenty seven charming wee creatures to make plus a mat to display them on, or play with them of course.

Have fun recycling all that leftover yarn and improver knitters will welcome all the small projects as none are too advanced, just using knit and purl. You can't learn to knit with this book (Search Press publishes many excellent books that do start from scratch) but the mat is described as a good way to practice the basics. The creatures themselves use mostly tiny amounts of yarn (less than 5g) and are made flat, with instructions on how to sew up. All you need to start are a few basic bits and pieces no major spending involved. Choose from mostly UK or US animals and birds, filling your wood with badger, beaver, blue tit, robin and otter or maybe a bear, skunk, moose, wolf and raccoon. Also included are a gnome, toadstool house, mushroom, tree and tree stump as well as animal young of several species. Each pattern is in written form with photos of the finished creature, finished size, what you need and a difficulty level. The author mentions that it doesn't have to be made as a whole set, but odd creatures can be made up to serve as bag charms, keyrings or for charity. This is another attractive and user-friendly book that is sure to give knitters of all abilities a lot of fun, as well as anybody who gets to play with the figures.

If you cannot find a good range of knitting materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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