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Words and Language
10 Minute Brain Games
Dr Gareth Moore

Michael O’Mara
14 June 2018/ ISBN 9781782439066
Non Fiction/Puzzles

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Pit your brain against these 160+ puzzles and give your language skills a workout. Each puzzle fits onto the 7” x 4¼” pages and will take about ten minutes to solve, making it ideal for traveling or any spare moment when you want something fun yet challenging to do.

This is the companion book to the Logic and Reasoning book also reviewed on this site and shares the same strengths and weaknesses. Fortunately this is plenty of the former and only really one of the latter – the sugar paper, which is not ideal for much rubbing out. Even this does have a benefit, however, as it makes the book light to carry around. It’s smaller format than most magazines means it easily fits into a bag.

There is a good range of different word puzzles in here from the familiar straight crosswords, codewords and fitword types to anagrams, codes, wordsearches and even riddles. Each puzzle appears about six to seven times, and each page has a space to write how long it took you to solve it, plus instructions and a few tips.

Answers are at the back, and there is a one page introduction, but mostly this is all about the puzzles. These are roughly of the same difficulty level as those in magazines but with the added bonus of the light weight, small format and rather imaginative range of puzzles. I can recommend this book to all puzzle addicts.

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