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Spycatcher (Review 1)
Spycatcher #1
Matthew Dunn

2012 / ISBN 9780062037862
Espionage / thriller

Reviewed by Bob Walch

A second generation intelligence agent, Will Cochrane is a man on a mission. He is determined to run to ground and apprehend a ruthless Iranian spy who goes by the name of Megiddo.

Not only is this terrorist at the top of the most wanted list and planning an attack that will dwarf all his previous atrocities, but he is also the person responsible for killing Cochrane's father years ago.

Considered a bit of a liability and "loose cannon" by his superiors, Cochrane often doesn't play by the rules; but in this instance, as long as he gets his quarry, no one cares how he does it. The chase will range across the globe as the "man on a mission" tries to flush out his adversary before the Iranian Revolutionary General can launch the "Mother of All Attacks."

A former member of the British Secret Intelligence Service, Matthew Dunn brings an insider's perspective to this novel. The first of the "Spycatcher" series, this debut is a fast read that may, at times, test the boundaries of credibility, but high-octane thrillers like this often demand one accept some rather unlikely scenarios to get to the final page.

If you are willing to play the game by Dunn's rules, this will be an enjoyable and breath taking ride. Will Cochrane may not quite reach the bar set by Ian Fleming's master spy, James Bond, but he comes close. So sit back and enjoy his first assignment!

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Reviewed 2012