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Heirs and Graces
Royal Spyness Mystery #7
Rhys Bowen

August 6, 2013/ ISBN 042526002X
Historical Mystery / England / 1930s

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

The last we heard of Lady Georgiana she was assisting her mother with her memoirs. Well it didn’t pan out because her mother has too many secrets. But who’s surprised? Not Georgie or series readers…

Now that Georgie’s mother is heading to Switzerland Georgie needs a place to stay. Luckily Queen Mary invites her to tea and introduces her to Edwina the Duchess of Eynsford. Edwina wants Georgie to visit her home and meet her son, Cedric. Cedric has yet to marry or produce an heir – and with reason, as Georgie soon finds out…  Edwina also has a grandson named Jack from her late son, John. He’s arriving from Australia. Lucky for Georgie, when the long lost grandson arrives, he’s accompanied by Darcy. Also arriving is Georgie’s old friend and she seems as bit too familiar with Darcy. The mystery is: who killed Cedric. Cedric being the only son – a vain, selfish one at that - ends up dead the day after he announces he’s going to adopt his own heir and demands that everyone move out, which leaves room for a lot of suspects.

Georgie is entertaining but Edwina’s family out plays her in this mystery. What an odd bunch… It was also good to see Darcy and Georgie’s mother and grandfather, even if it was brief. The plot is strong and engaging. I’m a fan of Bowen’s work. She’s is an expert at setting up scenes, dialogue and humor – it blends and flows effortlessly. I love traveling back to 1930s with Georgie and her gang. What an enjoyable read.

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