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Queen of Hearts
Royal Spyness Mystery #8
Rhys Bowen

August 5, 2014/ ISBN 0425260364
Mystery / Historical – 1934 / British / Cozy

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Rhys Bowen’s Queen of Hearts has lead character Lady Georgiana Rannoch heading to America. Georgiana is mooching off royalty but she’s seriously bored. Lucky for her mummy comes to the rescue. Mummy wants a divorce because Max (the German, as they call him) wants to marry her, so off they go to Nevada. Max pays for their passage across the Atlantic. He also buys Georgiana a new wardrobe. The voyage on the Berengaria is complete with parties, rich people, gorgeous clothes, jewelry, a klutz, a secret agent, and a thief -- a fun time is to be had by all on this popular luxury liner. After Reno Nevada, Mummy, Georgiana, Darcy as well as others picked up along the way head to Hollywood — and murder. The Royals discover they’re popular in Hollywood no matter how far down the lineage they are or how long ago their relatives died. Mummy tries her hand at movies, and Georgiana’s maid, Queenie discovers equality. They’re all involved in solving a murder and hope this is one adventure they’ll survive.

The Royal Spyness series is filled with likable characters. Georgiana’s innocence is balanced by Mummy’s self-indulgence. Darcy’s charm and decency surpasses the most charismatic in Hollywood. And Queenie seems to be ahead of her time. Queen of Hearts is a fun, engaging read for anyone who enjoys light-hearted, historical mysteries. I enjoyed it immensely.

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