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The President's Shadow
Culper Ring Series #3
Brad Meltzer
Read by Scott Brick

Hachette Audio
December 22, 2015 / ISBN 9781600247095
Government / Political / Conspiracy Thriller

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


The President's Shadow is third in the Culper series. The author draws readers/listeners along with one intriguing scene after another -- First Lady Shona Wallace finds an arm buried in her garden. The item clutched in the hand links the President and archivist Beecher White once again.

National Archivist Beecher White is visiting his boss Aristotle "Tot" Westman in ICU. In the National Archives where they work, Tot was Beecher's mentor; the two have a secret; they're part of the infamous Culper Ring, Washington's spy ring created over 200 years ago. Beecher thought being a spy was pretty cool, until he discovered there was barely a spy ring left and Tot recruited him to rebuild it. A stranger named Ezra is observing Beecher and Tot's other visitors from the waiting room. Beecher seeks out Franklin Oeming because he wants a file that involves his father, an army mechanic who wrote a letter a week after he died; Franklin's specialty is secrets. Even more fascinating is a twenty nine year timeline shift into the past with a group of army recruits landing in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Without a doubt, Metzler skillfully hooks us with these multiple treads. Readers can expect a substantial thriller-mix of Politics, Military, Government, and Secret Service conspiracy and espionage. The characters are intriguing and carry some surprises of their own. I'm still shaking my head at crazy Nico and his invisible First Lady. The historical details via the National Archives are absolutely fascinating. If you're looking for a well written, highly intelligent thriller, this is the book for you.

Scott Brick narrates the audio version. He seamlessly sets up the scenes and shifts smoothly from good guys to bad guys. His low tone delivery of twist and turns stopped me in my tracks every time. The President's Shadow excels in conspiracies, mistrust and sudden revelations; be sure to clear your day before you hit play.

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