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Crowned and Dangerous
Royal Spyness Mystery #10
Rhys Bowen

Berkley Prime Crime
August 2, 2016 / ISBN 978-0-425-28348-6
Mystery / Historical/ England / Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Lady Georgiana Rannoch is thirty-fifth in line for the British crown, but she remains poor as a church mouse, yet happily in love with Darcy O'Mara. Darcy decides to surprise her by taking her away from London so that they can elope. On the way, a blizzard halts their travel plans, and when Darcy picks up a newspaper to check the road conditions, he is shocked to find a headline proclaiming that his father has been arrested for murder!

It seems that Lord Kilhenny is accused of murdering the American who bought the family castle when the Lord went broke! Alas, Lord Kilhenny is a most unpleasant character who drinks far too much whiskey and is unable to remember anything about the night the murder took place. He is so depressed that he has accepted his fate and expects to hang. Darcy, of course, changes plans immediately and sends Georgie back to London while he goes to be by his father's side in Ireland. He later calls Georgie and tells her that their relationship is over because he won't have her life ruined by his father's trial and hanging.

Georgie realizes she can't live without Darcy and makes her own way to Ireland, determined to stand by her man, and if possible prove Lord Kilhenny's innocence. After all, she's solved mysteries before, and she's confident she can do so again. When Darcy's old “friend,” Princess Zamanska, also known as Zou Zou, arrives in the airplane she flies herself, she brings along unlimited cash to help get the ball rolling. Before long, Georgie's awkwardly inept maid, Queenie, shows up to add to the mix of unusual characters.

As always, Bowen has written a clever mystery that moves at a fast pace while remaining intriguing and full of twists and turns. I love the 1930's feel to the story and found this to be another light- hearted and fabulously rich read. Full of characters who are well known to readers of the series as well as a delightful assortment of new characters, this is a book I couldn't put down. You just can't go wrong with a Royal Spyness Mystery!

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Reviewed 2016