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Doom with a View
Merry Ghost Inn #2
Kate Kingsbury

Crooked Lane Books
September 12, 2017/ ISBN 978-1-68331-235-2

Reviewed by  Laura Hinds


Melanie West and her grandmother Liza have a party of six senior reading group members staying at their bed and breakfast, the Merry Ghost Inn, located in Oregon. It is their grand opening week and is marred by the death of one of the group. Walter Dexter fell from the balcony outside his room, and it is revealed that he was murdered!

Everyone at the Inn is a suspect, and Melanie and Liza realize they need to find the killer before their inn gets a bad reputation in the press. They also realize that the other guests must leave in time for the next group to check in. The detective involved, Detective Dutton, does not want them to interfere, but police officer Ben Carter is on their side, and he’s more than a little interested in Melanie, in a romantic sense.

The Merry Ghost Inn’s resident ghost, Orville, is making himself known again, with his trademark laughter, and through leaving some clues about the murder. Will he provide enough information to help the ladies crack the case?

This was a well-paced book, with a solid murder mystery and plenty of red-herrings. I enjoy the characters and am pleased that this second book in the series is even better than the first!

Author Kate Kingsbury has a knack for drawing readers into her stories so completely that it is easy to get lost in that world. I, for one, would love to visit the Merry Ghost Inn if only it were real! Highly recommended.

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