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Beneath the Covers,Past
A Romance Column
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

Introducing “Torn Between Two Lovers”

Romance is the key to my existence because I believe it in totally. I live for happy ever after. I want a man and woman to meet across the room in a flash of lightening bolts and thunder, as eyes meet and a rendezvous of love marks the couple for life.

Not only do I love reading romance novels, but I love writing them. There were two characters haunting me, Candy Thomas and Mace James. These two people are opposites of each other and their love was sealed from the moment they met. Two characters are born. Candy is a plus-size woman, not thrilled about being in love, but happy with Mace, who loves her unconditionally. Candy is a strong woman who has a career as a paralegal, happy with her job.

Mace James is a retired bus driver, golden in his years, being ten years older than Candy. The two are happy until Candy gets a rude awakening that Mace is a man concerned with his own needs and his own self-worth. Their relationship suffers and Candy is a miserable woman because of it. She wants marriage, but Mace has other commitments and Candy starts to questions her relationship over and over.

Mace is clueless and takes their relationship for granted not trusting Candy; he constantly accuses her of being unfaithful. Is Mace the one doing all the work in the cheating department? Their relationship together is threatened.

Everything changes when a new attorney comes to the law firm where Candy works by the name of Jordan Hayes. Jordan Hayes turns Candy’s world around in so many ways. The two are complete opposites, they can’t stand each other, but their chemistry is apparent and sparks are flying all over the place. There is an old saying, there are other fish in the sea and Candy was truly on the verge of finding hers with Jordan. In the midst of this professional setting, Candy, a paralegal, and Jordan Hayes, attorney-at-law, fights off their attraction for each other. But let’s not forget about Mace who keeps the suspense going?

Torn Between Two Lovers introduces Helen and Lisa, Candy’s two best friends. This explores the novel on other levels besides the tide of romance. It opens up the world of friendship and the ties these friends have for each other. Helen, Lisa and Candy are another example of opposites attract.

Helen, a wife and mother of two, and a fashion designer, has been married to her high school sweetheart for over forty years. Of course Helen’s life is spiraling out of control. The support she gets from Lisa and Candy gets her through these very tumultuous times.

Lisa is the opposite of her two best friends, a soap opera diva and a movie actress. Lisa has an untamed appetite for sex. She’s the strumpet of a gorgeous woman who uses her body to get what she wants. Lisa is a slut, whore and she loves being a tramp, until a shocking occurrence unravels her entire world. Lisa comes to the realization about the life she’s been leading. Of course Helen and Candy are there to lend support, guidance, home-truths and love along the way.

Torn Between Two Lovers, establishes the boundaries between happiness and a loveless existence. It gives us choices, and the consequences of our actions. Candy comes to the realization that she literally has to make a choice between Mace, who chose her for her voluptuous figure, and Jordan who just wants to be with her, because he finds her alluring, seductive and extremely attractive, but has issues about her weight, and the color of her skin. Who will Candy choose?

This novel develops the components of Candy’s journey to find her soul mate. It chronicles Lisa’s soul-searching journey to discover herself; Helen’s journey involves the elements of her life in order to discover the person she has been all along.

If you’re in the mood for a real life realistic romance with genuine characters that make you cry, laugh, love and care with them, Torn Between Two Lovers, is the book for you. It showcases a hero and heroine’s journey through several love triangles. This book will have a happy ever after ending with conflicts.

What would a book be without the illusions of romance? We all want the essence of adore-ship, admiration, respect, natural and pure love in an array of temptation. Torn Between Two Lovers , will educate and give the reader a sense of romance; make non-believers grab their lovers as they snuggle up to float their boat, rock their world or send a message that romance is for real and it will never fade away.

There are skeptics who are still waiting for their prince charming, soul mate and hero on a black horse. Don’t give up because he’s right around that corner, in the grocery store, at the movie theatre, in the bookstore, or on the beach. He’s out there, trust me!

“Torn Between Two Lovers,” is available for purchase at; and so come and take a
ride with a book where the characters are familiar friends. Where in the world of romantic fiction, the hero and heroine finds love after all. Remember, romance brings tides of snow, rain, thunder, a hurricane, but along the way and through the clouds of terror, there’s a happy ever after ending in the tunnel of love forever.

Torn Between Two Lovers, your guide to eternal romance, forever and everlasting.

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Introducing “Torn Between Two Lovers”

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