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Twenty Posters To Colour
Kerby Rosanes

Michael O’Mara Books
2 March 2017/ ISBN 9781910552575

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


If you are a keen colorist, the name of Kerby Rosanes will be well known to you as one of the most popular and acclaimed designers in the field His books are bestsellers in many countries and his unique style is unlike anybody else’s. Twenty of his pictures from the Imagimorphia coloring book have been enlarged for this special edition of poster sized prints.

I confess to a preference for large format coloring books so was thrilled to see this 15¾ “x 11¼ “ book. It also features a useful, very thick board back for pressing on if you like to work on your lap while watching TV, are travelling or indeed anywhere other than at a table. The paper is a smooth bright white and images are printed on only one side, with a black line all around them which terminates nowhere near the spine. Pages are also perforated for easy removal and lines are very black and visible for ease of use. Pencil users would wish for more tooth, while marker users (and anybody using paints or Aquarelle pencils) would no doubt prefer thicker paper. Artists’editions usually have excellent quality paper, but this is a trifle thin; if you use anything other than pencils, you will need to place a sheet of paper between pages or you will ruin the picture below. Anybody new to this artist’s style can expect detailed pictures where one thing morphs into another. A castle is made of dragons, a butterfly from steampunk style gears, a camel carries an Arabian Nights scene on its back, a wolf morphs into a forest, a tree is made up of sea creatures. They all make wonderfully absorbing projects for colorists and demand to be looked at once hanging on a wall. In short, this is a colorist’s delight and hours of pleasure lie ahead for anybody who possesses a copy.

Reviewed 2017