By James Patterson

Little, Brown and Company - March 2001
ISBN: 0316666009 - Hardcover

Reviewed by Sue Johnson, MyShelf.com
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Someone is killing newlyweds, often on their wedding night and in the most gruesome of ways. Inspector Lindsay Boxer is first on the scene in the original case that was taking place in San Francisco. Soon she finds herself paired with three other very strong women: Cindy, a journalist who bluffs her way onto the first crime scene; Claire, a young black woman who is also the leading medical examiner; and Jill, an ambitious assistant district attorney. As new evidence and clues amass, the four women meet and hash out the clues in an attempt to catch a cunning serial murderer.

Along the way Lindsay is faced with some very scary news. She must also deal with her growing attraction to her newly appointed partner, Raleigh. As with all of James Patterson's books the chapters are short and lead quickly from one dilemma to another. The killer is never revealed until the writer sees fit. This was another wonderful book that made its way onto my top 10 favorites of 2001.

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