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Topped Chef
A Key West Food Critic Mystery #3
Lucy Burdette

An Obsidian Mystery
May 7, 2013 / ISBN 0451239709
Cozy Mystery


Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Hayley Snow, food critic for the Key West magazine Key Zest, has to do something she has never done before - write her first bad review for a restaurant called Just Off Duval. The restaurant owner, Sam Rizzoli, pitches a fit in her editor's office. Is her boss, Wally, annoyed? Not really, he just assigns Hayley to be a judge for the Key West version of the Topped Chef competition TV show.

Guess who one of her fellow judges turns out to be ---- you got it in one - Sam Rizzoli!! After the first day of filming, which narrows down the number of contestants, Hayley is looking forward to her first date with Detective Nate Bransford. This is not to be as he is on the job and leaves Hayley sitting alone in the restaurant. Nate is not pleased when Hayley brings his dinner to the crime scene. The next day, Peter Shapiro, the producer/director of Topped Chef informs the judges that Sam Rizzoli has been murdered. He wants them to continue the competition. With a murderer on the loose, will the judges crown a winner, or get crowned themselves?

Things to ponder: Will Hayley find the killer before she gets flambéed? Did one of the contestants want to win so badly, that they would chop a judge? Could voting as a City Commissioner have gotten Sam Rizzoli murdered? Will Hayley and Nate ever have a first date?

This was another great addition to the Key West Food Critic Mystery series. It was a fun, fast read. I love to see what kind of trouble Hayley will get herself into. There are some yummy recipes included too. So if you like your mystery Key West style, then you should be reading Topped Chef.

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