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Murder with Ganache
Key West Food Critic Mystery # 4
Lucy Burdette

February 4, 2014/ ISBN 045146589X
Mystery – cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


These days Hayley Snow has a full plate. She is busy trying to keep her job at Key Zest Magazine, refereeing “bouts” between her mom and step-mom, and helping with her best friend’s wedding. Oh yes, she is also trying to find a killer. It all started when her 15 year old stepbrother, Rory, missed his curfew. Key West has many interesting places to see and go – but not after your curfew. So Hayley spends the night searching for him with the help of a very cute police officer. Still no luck in finding Rory, Hayley heads home to a tasting of breakfast treats. This is for one of the many articles she needs to get written this week.

Hayley and friends and family take to the ocean to look for Rory. He seems to have stolen a Jet Ski with a girl he has met. Finally an unconscious Rory is found in a derelict sailboat. He is bleeding from a head wound and is soaking wet. Later that day, the missing girl turns up in the ocean – drowned. With no idea what Rory and the girl have gotten into, Hayley gets involved with the investigation. Hayley better be careful or she could end up being frosted.

Things to ponder: Why did Rory miss his curfew? What is the real reason that the wedding was called off? Will Hayley’s mother ever stop meddling in her love life? Is there really a page on Facebook for the Courthouse Deli Bench?

You think you will be reading a book on relaxed Key West Time. Hang on to your hats; this is going to be one crazy adventure ride. This page-turner kept me up half the night – I had to finish reading this book. Lucy Burdette does not disappoint. This has to be my favorite book in the series. The author has also provided some very yummy recipes. So, if you like your mystery with a little Key West Style, then you should be reading Murder with Ganache.

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