By Agatha Christie
Durkin Hayes Audio  - 1998

ISBN: 5794361707 - 2 Cassettes
Read by Tim Pigott-Smith

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com

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Philomel Cottage: Alix Marin, in love with a man for 11 years, suddenly falls for a stranger and marries him instead. After moving to the country things begin to become curious. Her new husband stories don't seem to add up. She decides to investigate and finds out she is the one in danger... 

The Red Signal: Dermot West joins his best friend and others for dinner and a little entertainment with a psychic. Dermont mentions a sixth sense he has as a sign of danger. He calls it the red signal. He doesn't mention he has only experienced it twice, once long ago and tonight at dinner. The message from the psychic during the entertainment is "Don't go home. Danger awaits you." Who is she speaking to? Does it go with the red signal Dermont senses? 

The Spanish Shawl: A writer is looking for a story idea to write a mystery. He comes up with, THE MYSTERY OF THE SECOND CUCUMBER, a garden mystery. But before he could begin to write the story, he receives a phone call from a foreign woman who says... "Cucumber." In going to meet her he finds himself wrapped up in a "real" cucumber mystery... 

Of course Agatha Christie is a favorite of mine. The audio of these short stories are wonderful! I stumbled across this one at my local library. It had a cast of  voices and sound effects.You can't go wrong listening to, or reading anything by Christie. 

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