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Fire and Ice
J. P. Beaumont series#19
Joanna Brady series #14

by J A Jance


J P Beaumont, with his Seattle Special Homicide Investigation team, is investigating a series of murders in which the charred remains of young women with their teeth forcibly removed are found in garbage bags at various sites around the state. When a sixth victim is found whose teeth hadn't been removed, he feels there may be a chance to identify her and perhaps have a break in his case.

Meanwhile in Cochise County, Arizona, Sheriff Joanna Brady has to investigate the murder of an ATV park caretaker who has been run over by numerous vehicles. The park, a rehabilitation center, is run by a wealthy Powerball winner and her boy friend, an ex-cop.

Identification of the sixth victim leads Beaumont to Cochise County, where one of Brady's deputies is the victim's brother. Brady and Beaumont had emotional ties in the past and must now work together to find the motive behind the killings and apprehend the killer.

Fire and Ice is Jance's usual, well-written thriller. It is a suspenseful, action-packed page turner. She brings the desert town and people to life. The characters are appealing, showing how people cope with life. The focus is upon the world of law enforcement officers who must juggle their jobs and personal lives.

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The Book

William Morrow / HarperCollins
July 21,2009
9780061239229 / 0061239224
Suspense / police procedural

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July 21,2009
Reviewed 2009
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