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The Poisoning in the Pub
Fethering Mysteries - Book X

by Simon Brett


What could be more innocent and safe than having lunch at your local?† When food poisoning strikes both Jude and Carole are wishing that they had not ordered the scallops, but less fortunate people are being taken to hospital.† Bad publicity is the last thing that beleaguered landlord Ted Crisp needs, especially when it is followed by worse, including a brawl and then a murder.†His friends arenít going to let him go under without a fight, but what on earth is it all about?

There are several things to enjoy about the Fethering mysteries.† Firstly, the satirical picture of modern Britain, in particular the genteel retirement towns of which Fethering is a perfect example.† Secondly, the teasing plots which have the reader charging after false trails, and thirdly, the realistic protagonists, particularly the well-delineated Carole.† This is a lot to enjoy, and in this book—along with the inevitable portraits of stereotypes—you can find spot-on descriptions of soulless chain pubs and the tired old routines of old style stand-up comedians, amongst the satirical gems. Too often writers prove that you cannot have a plot and humor, but there are plenty of both in here.† Iím already looking forward to my next visit to Fethering.

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The Book

Macmillan UK
3 April 2009
0230014585/ 9780230014589
Mystery / Contemporary Sussex, England
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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