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Cross Fire
Alex Cross Detective #17
James Patterson
Read by Andre Braugher, Jay O. Sanders

Hachette Audio
November 15, 2010 / ISBN 978-1607886655
Washington Detective / Thriller - Unabridged Audiobook

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Alex Cross has two changes going on in his life. One is marrying Bree. The other is making sure she stays out of the crossfire. Alex is madly in love and ready to settle down. Bree matches Alex in intelligence, determination, and compassion. Patterson has given Alex the perfect help-mate, but will he keep her or kill her off like so many series authors eventually do.

Alex is called out when a government official and lobbyist are murdered. No one saw the shooter or heard the shots and it doesn't end there. More officials are gunned down in front of witnesses. Readers know who the killers are and how proud they are in ridding America of dirty politicians. Alex is working with an agent named Max Siegel. Alex dislikes Max, but seems to warm up to him as FBI agent Max makes some subtle changes. The life and money spent on Max's changes put diabolical enemy Kyle Craig back in Alex's midst. Kyle likes to call Alex and torment him. Alex is afraid of no one and his patience each time Kyle calls is compelling.

There are plenty of breathtaking moments and violent scenes to make you flinch. Patterson isn't one to hold back when it comes to an intense storyline. In listening to the audio version, you can expect a powerful reading by two impressive narrators. The Abridged is a quick listen. If you want to experience the full power of the story consider the unabridged version.

Epilogue alert: Alex mentions getting a message from Lindsey Boxer (The Women's Murder Club) about a case.

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