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A Tale of Two-Kitties
Magical Cats Mystery #9
Sofie Kelly

September 5, 2017/ ISBN 978-0-399-58457-2
Mystery/Cozy/Paranormal cats

Reviewed by  Laura Hinds


Kathleen Paulson is the proud human owned by two very unique cats named Hercules and Owen. Hercules and Owen possess magical abilities, which allow one to disappear at will and the other to walk through walls! They are also highly skilled in helping solve crimes, including murder.

Kathleen’s boyfriend, Marcus, is a police detective, and it seems that Kathleen and the cats are always in the thick of things when he is assigned to find a killer. When Leo Janes is murdered, his son, Simon, is at the top of the suspect list, yet Kathleen doesn’t believe her friend to be a killer. Simon’s daughter, Mia, works with Kathleen at the library, and above all else, Kathleen wants to help give some peace of mind to the grieving young lady. It seems to be a tall order with Mia’s grandfather dead and her father the suspect with a weak alibi. Is it possible that Leo’s twin brother, Victor, killed him? After all, Victor had an affair with Leo’s late wife and there has been bad blood between them ever since.

Will Kathleen’s investigation (along with Hercules and Owen helping) cause a rift in her relationship with Marcus, or will it bring them even closer? Will she be able to stop the killer from acting again and clear her friend’s name?

As with the previous books in this series, the cats are the stars of the show for me. They are such characters. Sofie Kelly delights me with her understanding of the feline mystique and takes it to a whole new level by imbuing them with magical gifts! The humans are quite interesting, too, and it is nice to visit Kathleen and Marcus and Roma and Rebecca and Ruby and all of the others again.

The backdrop of a small town library is one of my favorite settings for any book, but to have the pleasure of all of my most cherished things in one novel makes me over-the-moon with joy! Cats, libraries, small-towns and good people provide a case of the warm fuzzies guaranteed to perk up even the gloomiest of moods.

Amidst all of this wonderfulness, you’ll find a well-plotted mystery that is sure to keep you guessing and turning pages until you find yourself transported into Mayville Heights, Minnesota, with an ear to ear grin on your face!

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