By James Patterson
Little, Brown and Company
ISBN:  0316693286  - Hardcover
Suspense / Thriller

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com

 We first met Alex Cross in  Kiss the Girls, where a devilish duo went after women. Then there was Cat and Mouse where a bloodthirsty butcher was after his family. Now there is the Weasel, a chilling villain that no reader will forget. I know that I won't for a long while. Alex and his partner John Sampson want to search for the Jane Doe killer, but their tyrannical boss George Pitman orders them to investigate a high-profile murder of a rich white man instead. This book combines a love story of great tenderness and a plot of relentless suspense at a heart pounding pace. I found the court room scenes to be rather boring, other than that the story is believable, and the ending is so exciting that you will want the book to go on and on. 

James Patterson is a past winner of the prestigious Edgar's Award. Mr. Patterson is a heck of a writer who makes you believe the characters are real.

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