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A Deadly Yarn
A Knitting Mystery #3

by Maggie Sefton

      Fans of Knit One, Kill Two and Needled To Death (also reviewed on this site) will be pleased to see the third book has now arrived. Accountant Kelly Flynn has truly settled into life in sleepy Fort Connor and is working from home, whilst taking as much time out as she can to pursue her hobbies. Allison Dubois, a friend of both Kelly and fellow knitter Megan, has just won a design award and is taking off for an exciting new life in New York. Or she would have been if somebody hadnít murdered her, and Kelly (with Megan in tow) is keen to discover whodunit.

Much as I like the sleuthing to firmly take center stage in a crime novel, a series soon becomes flat if that is all that happens in each book. Not so with this series, as each novel follows on from the one before in every respect and the various characters interact in more ways than just detecting and knitting. Another aspect is Colorado itself, which is shown in its full scenic glory, and there is plenty of humor amid the suspense. These combined elements are juggled admirably well to keep the plot rolling happily along, and this time the case itself was a bit more tortuous and kept me on my sleuthing toes. There is a recipe to enjoy and a shawl to knit as well as the mysteries of finding out what "yo" in a knitting pattern truly means. All-round cozy fun in one of my favorite new series.

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The Book

Berkley Prime Crime (Penguin Group)
1 August 2006
Mystery/Cozy - Contemporary, Colorado
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2006
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