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Death of the Party
Death on Demand Series #16

By Carolyn Hart

     A year ago Britt Barlow hid the fact that it was no accident when her brother-in-law, Jeremiah Addison, fell down the stairs to his death. Now Brit received a letter from one of the guests at the island that week and learned that he had seen her hide the wire that tripped Jeremiah, though he made no demands of his own. She decided the best way to handle this was to invite everyone back to the island. Hiring Confidential Commissions, Britt hopes Max Darling can find the murderer.

     Max is skeptical about taking the case; there are certain questions he has for Ms. Barlow. Like, why she kept this hidden for a year and now has decided to bring a possible murderer to her home. He asks her to cancel her plans and go to the police, but she refuses. Reluctantly he accepts the case. With the help of his sweet wife, Annie, he knows this is a case he can solve. They decide they will not tell the true reason they are there or why the guest have been called back. However, the journalist, Everett, knows the truth and shares it with the others. Everyone knows that Jeremiah Addison was murdered, and they are all suspects--even his two sons. Now everyone is terrified that they are living amongst a murderer, and everyone suspects everyone else.

     When a gun comes up missing and the only transportation off the island is gone, the group becomes even more frightened. There is no clue as to who is the real murderer. However, when Everett is murdered they think they have a suspect.

     With this crime-solving couple on yet another case, no one will want to miss the new mystery. With wonderful characters that make great suspects and a plot that will keep you guessing, this is one Death on Demand Mystery you will not want to miss.

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The Book

William Morrow / HarperCollins
April 2005

The Reviewer

Tangela Williams
Reviewed 2005
© 2005