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Dead Days of Summer
Death on Demand Mystery, # 17

by Carolyn Hart

      Annie Darling of Death on Demand is planning a surprise birthday party for her husband, Max. Max is planning a surprise for Annie: the purchase of Franklin House. To prevent Max's learning of the party Annie sends him to his office, Confidential Commisions, even though he has no business pending. There he is hired by Bridget Walker to find her missing brother, Danny. Max tells Annie that he has a new case and he might be coming home late. When he fails to come home, Annie becomes frantic and calls Billy Cameron, the acting police chief. A search is organized which leads not to Max, but to the body of an attractive woman found near his abandoned car. She is identified as Vanessa Taylor, secretary to wealthy Lillian Whitman Todd. The murder weapon is found in the trunk of Max's car. Max is the prime suspect, with the press portraying him as an unfaithful husband. When Max surfaces, he is disoriented from drugs administrated by whoever is framing him. Anne is determined to find out what happened to him and why. She infiltrates the home of Whitman Dodd, as all clues seem to lead there. She must determine whether the murderer is Kyle Curtis, fiancÚ of Heather Dodd,.daughter of Lillian, or Jon Dodd, Lillian's husband. Both seem to have been involved romantically with Vanessa.

Set in Broward's Rock, an island in South Carolina, this is fast paced with excellent plotting. The manner in which the Darlings' friends rally around them and seek to resolve the situation is a tribute to friendship and loyalty. The reader renews his acquaintance with a cast of lovable supporting characters, each having a special place.

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The Book

William Morrow
April 2006

The Reviewer

Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2006
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