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Death of a Nurse
Hamish Macbeth # 31
M. C. Beaton
Read by Graeme Malcolm

Hachette Audio
02/23/2016/ ISBN 9781478960843
Cozy Mystery / Police / Scottish Highlands / Humor / Audiobook – Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Death of a Nurse opens with Hamish walking his dog Lugs and Scottish wild cat Sonsie. While contemplating ways to send his current policeman, Charlie Carter, back to Strathbane, Hamish spots a sexy nurse in candy-stripped dress and black stockings. All thoughts of Priscilla Halburton-Smythe vanish. The nurse is Gloria Dainty; she’s taking care of the new village resident, Mr Harrison. Gloria agrees to a date, but doesn’t show up at the restaurant. Days later, Hamish finds her body. She was murdered and thrown off a cliff. Detective Jimmy Anderson shows up to help Hamish. Inspector Fiona Herring, who hates cracks about “red herrings” also shows up and takes over the case. Inspector Herring leads the case in one direction but when the killer strikes, again, Hamish’s sixth-sense kicks in and leads him in a different direction. Dear Hamish does his usual impressive detecting as he alienates some and aggravates others, like his superiors. He is lazy in some ways, but when it comes to finding a killer, he pulls out all the stops. Partner Charlie does his part as well.

Also returning in the 31st Macbeth mystery is Hamish’s former partner, Dick Fraser. He’s running a bakery in Brakie with the lovely Anka. They have a story of their own. Priscilla is also back and takes a liking to poor Charlie. She wants to rescue him from Hamish. She offers Charlie the old butler’s room at Tommel Castle Hotel. Her father Colonel Halburton-Smythe discovers Charlie in the Butler’s suite and they become fast friends. First Priscilla and now the colonel, will Hamish feel left out?

Beaton’s humor is one of kind. Whether the mystery is complex or not, I always enjoy catching up with Hamish and the villagers. The mystery is entertaining and, as always, the storyline moves at a clipped pace. Just like Hamish, Beaton gets down to the facts. No scene fillers here. The audio version of Death of a Nurse is easy to follow. Graeme Malcolm’s narration is spot on, as always. I can’t imagine anyone else delivering this group of quirky characters the way he does.

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