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Abegg (Editor), Flint (Editor), Ulrich
The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible
- Bible Study

Diane Ackerman
Cultivating Delight
- Gardening

Scott Adams
The Dilbert Principle
- Business
Michael Henry Adams, Mick Hales (Photographer)
Style and Grace
Charles Albano
Turn the Sandglass Over
- Poetry
 Tamin Ansary
West of Kabul, East of New York
Bahti, McManis, and Jeffries
Guide books [Navaho Sandpaintings, The Animals and The Carvers,
The Materials & The Carvers, Navaho Weavings, Hopi Katsina Dolls
Barb Bancroft
An Apple a Day
- Health and Nutrition
Tapanes & Barnett
Valentine Coupons from the Heart
- Personal coupons
Why Johnny Doesn't Behave With Golly
Writing Measurable IEP Goals and Objectives with Herr
F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.
Water - Health
Jack Becklund
My Summer with the Bears
- Animals
Harry Beckwith
What Clients Love -- Business/Money
Stanley Bing
The Big Bing - business

Meadows, Ph.D. & Blacher, Ph.D.
Difficult Teens
- Teen Help

Ken Blanchard Ph.D., Spencer Johnson, M.D.
One Minute Manager - business
Chrissie Blaze
The Baby's Astrologer
Francesca Lia Block
Guarding the Moon - Motherhood
Daniel Blythe
The Encyclopedia of Classic 80s Pop
-- Music
Matthew Paul Brna
Dear Love…
Walt Brasch
The Joy of Sax
- Clinton era
Earl Brechlin with John Bishop (Contributor)
Bygone Boston
Tim Cahill
Hold The Enlightenment
Harry Camisa and Jim Franklin
Inside Out - Prison
Phil Campbell
Ready, Set, GO!
- Health
A.A. Cantor
Lights, Cubicle, Action! - Business
Laura Carroll
Families of Two by Choice
- Lifestyle
Richard W. Carlson, Jr.
Love Poems
- Poetry
Christiansen, Leigh & Branson
Cochlear Implants in Children
- Deafness
Nicholas Clapp
Randy Clay
Business Lessons with Sharkmaster, Jr. - Business
Tony Cohan
On Mexican Time
Herb Cohen
Negotiate This! - business
Bill Cosby
I Am What I Ate...and I'm frightened!!!
Ellis Cose
The Envy Of The World
Ann Crittenden
The Price of Motherhood
Richard Crystal
Animals in the News
Kenneth C. Davis
Don't Know Much About The Bible
- Religion
P.S. Davis & Roberta Gamble
Southern Dogs and Their People
Douglas & Olshaker
The Cases that Haunt Us
Gerald Durrell
Menagerie Manor
Esselman (Editor), Velez (Editor)
Kiss Off - Poetry
Jimmy Fallon and Gloria Fallon
i hate this place - Comedy
Nikky Finney
The World is Round - Poetry

John Feinstein
Open - [Book] [Audio]– Golf

Paul St. John Fleming
Between Donuts
- Law enforcement
Thomas C. Foster
How To Read Literature Like a Professor
John Galloway
Dry, Up, With a Twist - Dining
Malcolm Gladwell
The Tipping Point
Shirley P., Glass, Ph.D
NOT "Just Friends" - Infidelity
Bernard Goldberg
Arrogance - business
Lynn Grasberg
Bounce Back!
-Business / Humor
Ariadne Green
Ariadne's Book of Dreams


Jaimie Hall and Alice Zyetz - Edited
RV Traveling Tales - [review 1] [review 2] - Traveling
Sean Hannity
Let Freedom Ring
- Politics
Susan Harrow
Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul
David Harris
Shooting the Moon
Marjorie Harris
Botanica North America - nature
Rett Ertl and Rick Hibberd
The Art of the Russian Matryoshka
David J Howe & Stephen James Walker
The Television Companion - reference
Sir Addison Silber Howell, Esq., As Told to Trisha Adelena Howell
The Pekinese Who Saved Civilization
Trisha Adelena Howell
Living in a Glowing World
Dale Hudson and Billy Hills
An Hour to Kill
Hills & Hudson
A Reason to Live
Kevin Hull
Leaving Blue Mountains - Poetry
Brian Innes
Bodies of Evidence
- Crime
Glenda Ivey
Ripped Apart
Ann Jones
Looking For Lovedu
Larry Kaniut
Bear Tales for the Ages
Granville Kelley
Reflections From The Crystal Sea
- Poetry
Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter, C.P.A.
Rich Dad's $uccess $tories - business
John Koethe
North Point North
- Poetry
Betty J. Kovács, Ph.D.
The Miracle of Death - – Death and Dying
Alex Kwechansky
Never Underestimate Who Can Cheat You! - Business
Richard Labunski
The Educated Student
- Education
Richard Lewis
The Encyclopedia of Cult Children's TV
- Entertainment
Shayna Lilley
Accepting Invitations
Suzanne Lowry
La Vie En Rose - Travel

Jacques Lowe
Remembering Jack - photograph

Dane Love
Scottish Spectres
Lila Abu-Lughod
Veiled Sentiments - Anthropology
Suzanne Lussier
Art Deco Fashion - Fashion/ history
Malcolm MacPherson
The Cowboy & The Elephant
Frances MacDougall with the Editors of Southern Accents
Southern Accents on Color
George Mann (edited)
The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Science Fiction
Roddy Martine
Supernatural Scotland -Travel
Anne Matthews
Wild Nights
John C. Maxwell
There’s No Such Thing as "Business" Ethics - Business
Frances Mayes with Edward Mayes
In Tuscany
Amy Meckler
What All the Sleeping is For - Poetry
Jason Merchey
Values of the Wise
Ian Middleton
Hot Footing Around the Emerald Isle - Travel/Essay
Tim Mikkelsen
Hey, Girl! - Entertainment/Humor / Gift (Cards) with
Happy Birthday…blah, blah, blah - - Humor with
Phyllis Wright
Hughe Miller
What the Corpse Revealed
Tim Miller
Songs of Innocence - Poetry
Donald Mitchell ad Carol Coles
The Ultimate Competitive Advantage - Business
Caroline Clifton-Mogg
A Passion for Collecting - Collecting/Decorating
John T. Molloy
Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others
- Relationships
Michael Moore
Dude, Where's My Country? - politics
Marianne Murdock & Nancy Burgess
Ranch Dog
Bruce F. Murphy
Encyclopedia of Murder and Mystery
- Mystery Genre
James Murphy
Road of Sighs, Poems 1985-2000 - Poetry
Craig Nelson
Let's Get Lost
- Travel
Gary Onks
Sold on Seniors
- Business


Leslie Pockell
The Best Poems of All Time:
Part 1 - Part 2- Poetry
 Virginia Postrel
The Substance of Style
Jenny Randles
Supernatural Pennines - Paranormal
Judy Reiser
And I Thought I was Crazy!
- Humor
Dorine Rivers

Tony Robinson & Mick Aston
Archaeology is Rubbish
Editors of Rolling Stone
Tattoo Nation - Art
Gregory J. Rummo
The View From the Grass Roots
- Media
Kevin Rushby
Hunting Pirate Heaven
Howard Schultz / Dori Jones Yang
Pour your Heart Into It
- - Business
Joan Schulze, Dyana Curreri, Jette Clover, Robert McDonald
The Art of Joan Schulze - Art/Craft
Ruth L. Schwartz
- Poetry
David Sedaris
Me Talk Pretty One Day
Dan Seidman
The Death of 20th Century Selling - Business
Shales and Miller
Live From New York - TV

Adrian Slywotzky
The Art of Profitability
-Business / Finance

Johana Smith
9/11/2001 -Poetry/short stories
Smith & Rutigliano
Discover Your Sales Strengths - Business
Ellen Snortland
Beauty Bites Beast
- Women's Issues
John & Anne Spencer
The Encyclopedia of Ghost and Spirits
Barbara Spring
The Dynamic Great Lakes
- Lake info
Joyce Spizer
The Cross Country Killer
Joel Starkey
TV's Other Guide
- Entertainment
Alison Stine
Lot of My Sister
Katherine Tarbox
Tim Taylor
Digging The Dirt with the Time Team
- Archaeology
Stan Tekiela
Birds of Oklahoma
- Nature
Tim, Phyllis and Bob
MikWright…Family Style - Gift book

Who’s Your Daddy? - Humor
Wyatt Townley
The Breathing Field
- Poetry / Art
Wayne Turmel
A Philistine’s Journal
James W. Ure
Leaving the Fold
- Religion
Jean-Pierre Vernant
The Universe, The Gods, and Men
- Myths
Kathleen Walls
Georgia’s Ghostly Getaways - Travel/ Ghosts
Anthony Walker, M.D.
Siren's Dance - mental health
Diane Wattles
Today I Smile Tomorrow I May Cry
- Drug Addiction
Joseph Wambaugh
Fire Lover
- True Crime
Dr. George Weinberg
Why Men Won’t Commit
Gary Weiss
Born to Steal - Crime
Joe Wheeler
Christmas in My Soul
J. D. Williams
Common Sense Solutions
- Political Science

Simon Winchester

Edward Winslow
Blind Faith - Business
Wayne Winterrowd
Roses : A Celebration
Stacey Wolf
Secrets of the Signs
Tom Wolfe
Hooking Up
Ghislaine Wood
Essential Art Deco - Art / history
Lisa Wysocky
The Power of Horses
-Singers & Horses
Darlene C. Zagata
Aftertaste - Poetry
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