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MyShelf Science Fiction / Fantasy Fiction Reviews
Archive 1998 - 2003
(Listed by author)


Aliens and Artefacts - Westmore, Sims, Look & Birnes
Crusade of Fire - Edited by Katherine Kurtz - Fantasy
Dark Matter edited by Sheree R. Thomas
Have Tech, Will Tavel - DeCandido, Dilmore, Golden, Smith and Ward
Leaps of Faith - Edited by Fabian & Fabian - SF
Mammoth Book of Awesome Comic Fantasy Ed. by Mike Ashley
Miracle Workers - DeCandido, Dilmore, Mack & Ward - Science Fiction
Prophecy & Change
- Various Authors - SF

The Science of DiscWorld - Pratchett, Steward and Cohen
Strange New Worlds (V) - Various -SF
Some Assembly Required & No Surrender- Various Authors

The Briar King - Greg Keyes
- Fantasy
Horizon Storms - Kevin J. Anderson
Master of None - N. Lee Wood - SF
Misadventures and Merfolk - Kelly Reno
- Fantasy

Pauline J. Alama
The Eye of NightFantasy
Brett Arquette
Deadly Perversions - SF
Tom Arden
Sulten of the Moon and Stars

Nightdreamers - SF
The King and Queen of Swords
Kevin J. Anderson
A Forest of Stars - SF
Mark Anthony
The Dark Remains

Piers Anthony
Realty Check

Cherith Baldry
Exiled From Camelot
Ashok K Banker
Prince of Ayodhya - Fantasy
Greg Bear
Rogue Planet
Carol Berg
Restoration - Fantasy
Revelation - Fantasy
Joanne Bertin
The Last Dragonlord
Dragon and Phoenix
David Bischoff
Farscape: Ship of Ghosts
Jonathan Blum & Kate Orman
Fallen Gods
- SF
Alice Borchardt
Night of the Wolf
Lois McMaster Bujold
Diplomatic Immunity
- Fantasy
The Curse of Chalion - Fantasy
Paladin of Souls - Fantasy
Chris Bunch
Corsair (1) (2)
The Empire Stone
- with Allan Cole
C.G. McGovern-Bowen
Evil Seed
Camp, Carter & Nyberg
Conan The Swordsman - Fantasy
Diane Carey
Wagon Train to the Stars
Star Trek: Gateways II: Chainmail
Jacquelie Carey
Kushiel's Chosen - Fantasy
Andrew Cartmel
Foreign Devils
Steve Cash
The Meq
Mark Chadbourn
The Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke - Fantasy
Stephen Chambers
Hope's War - SF
Greg Cicio
The Seed of the Dogwood Tree
Lindsay Clarke
Parzival & the Stone From Heaven - Fantasy
Arthur C. Clarke
The Fountains of Paradise
The Trigger
- with McDowell
James Clemens
Wit'ch Fire, No. 1 / Wit'ch Storm, No. 2
Wit'ch War - Fantasy
Michael Cobley
Steve Cockayne
The Iron Chain - Fantasy
Judith Woolcock Colombo
The Fablesinger
Robin Cook
Abduction - SF
Louise Cooper
Rip Tide -
Michael Crichton
Prey -SF
Danny D'Agostino
The Creatures from Calumet City - SF
Cheryl L. Daniel
Catch a Falling Star
Timothy Daniels
- SF
Avram Davidson
The Other Nineteenth Century Fantasy
Keith R A DeCandido
The Brave & The Bold
- Science Fiction
Matthew Derby
Super Flat Times - SF
Mike DiCerto
Milky Way Marmalade -
J M Dillard
Star Trek Nemesis - SF
Surak’s Soul -
Sara Douglass
Enchanter- Fantasy
The Wayfarer Redemption - Fantasy
Starman - Fantasy
Hades’ Daughter - Fantasy
Diane Duane
Stealing the Elf-King's Roses - Fantasy
David & Leigh Eddings
The Elder Gods
Casey Fahy
The Seven Isles of Ameulas [ 1 ] [ 2 ]
The Bot Story - SF
Jude Fisher
Sorcery Rising - Fantasy
Simon A Forward
Shell Shock
Alan Dean Foster
The Approaching Storm - SF
Michael H. Fox
Tomorrowchild - SF
Michael Jan Friedman

Gauntlet (I) & Progenitor (II) -SF
Star Trek Stargazer: Three - Oblivion
Bret M Funk
Path of Glory - Fantasy

Sword of Honor
Neil Gaiman
American Gods - fantasy
W. Michael Gear
Raising Abel
David Gemmell
Drenai Tales - Fantasy
Ravenheart - Fantasy
Stormrider -Fantasy

White Wolf
Christie Golden
Homecoming & The Farther Shore (STV) - SF
Terry Goodkind
Debt of Bones
Julia Gray
Isle of the Dead
Stephanie Bedwell-Grime
Guardian Angel - Fantasy
Jason A Grunewald
Finding Time
Laurell K. Hamilton
Narcissus in Chains
Karen Hancock
- SF - Inspirational
Harry Harrison
Bill the Galactic Hero
John W. Herbert
Heaven's Gate
- SF
Lian Hearn
Across the Nightingale Floor
- SF
Grass For His Pillow
Hertzler & Lang
The Left Hand of Destiny Books I & II
Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Well of Darkness
Justin Hinks
Talismans of Puissance
Robin Hobb
Ship of Destiny

Golden Fool - Fantasy
Barbara M. Hodges
Blue Flame
Tom Holt
The Second Tom Holt Omnibus
- Fantasy
Kevin Crossley-Holland
Arthur: At the Crossing-Places
Kevin Howe
Bone Walk
T.M. Hunter
Who Needs a Hero
- SF
Kim Hunter
Knight's Dawn
- Fantasy
Wizard's Funeral -Fantasy
Christian Jacq
The Empire of Darkness - Fantasy
Robert Jordan
From The Two Rivers & To The Blight - Fantasy


Mitzi Kleidon
Eternity's Hope - Fantasy
Rexcalibur - Fantasy
Barbara Korsness
Ancient Fire - Historical Fantasy - Inspirational

Mercedes Lackey
The Black Swan

Stephen Lawhead
The Mystic Rose
The Black Rood
Paul Levinson
The Consciousness Plague - SF / Police

The Pixel Eye
Megan Lindholm
The Reindeer People (1) & Wolf's Brother (2)
The Luck of the Wheels - Fantasy
Harpy's Flight - Fantasy
The Windsingers - Fantasy
The Limbreth Gate - Fantasy
Karin Lowachee
Warchild - SF
Richard A Lupoff
Philip Jose Farmer’s The Dungeon & The Dungeon II - SF
with Bruce Coville
Philip Jose Farmer's The Dungeon III - Part V/ VI with de Lint
Steve Lyons
The Legacy Quest Trilogy

Gregory Maguire
Mirror Mirror - fantasy (audio)
Wicked - fantasy (audio)
James Mallory
Merlin: The End of Magic
John Marco
The Grand Design

Jackal of Nar
Juliet Marillier 
Daughter of the Forest

Son of the Shadows - Fantasy
Louise Marley
The Glass Harmonica
Jem Matzan
The Hero
- Fantasy
Maxine McArthur
Time Future
Anne McCaffrey
The Skies of Pern
Chuck McKenzie
Worlds Apart
Elizabeth A. Merz
The Last Gate
Rosalind Miles
Guenevere I

Guenevere II
K. C. Miller
Caiseal Mor
The Circle and the Cross

The Song of the Earth
Walter Mosley
- SF
Rebecca Neason
The Thirteenth Scroll
Larry Nemecek
The Next Generation Companion
Robert Newcomb
The Fifth Sorceress
- Fantasy
Adam Nichols
The Curer
The Songster
Stan Nicholls
Quicksilver Rising
- Fantasy
 Chet Novicki
Podak Tales #1: The Tailnapping

Gloria Oliver - Fantasy
In the Service of Samurai

 Daniel O’Mahoney
The Cabinet of Light (Dr. Who) - SF
Anthony O'Neill
John J. Ordover
The Amazing Stories - SF


Patterson & Jordan
The World of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time
- Fantasy
S. D. Perry
Avatar Books I & II
Robert Picardo
The Hologram's Handbook
- SF
Craig Robert Pickering
Netting The Alien
Steven Piziks
The Nonotech War
S. Joan Popek 
Sound The Ram's Horn
Terry Pratchett
Thief of Time
The Fifth Elephant

Night Watch
Monstrous Regiment [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]
Paul Preuss
Arthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime Vol. 1
Arthur C. Clarke's  Venus Prime Vol. 2
Carl Rafala
- SF
H. J. Ralles
Darok 9
- SF
Victoria Randall
The Ring of the Dark Elves
Michael Reaves
Shadow Hunter
(Darth Maul) - SF
Reichert & Wingert
Spirit Fox
Mickey Zucker Reichert
The Children Of Wrath
John Ridley
Those Who Walk in Darkness SF
Justina Robson
Mappa Mundi
Isa Rodack
Michael Scott Rohan
Shadow of the Seer
Sean Russell
The One Kingdom - Fantasy
The Isle of Battle - Fantasy
Kevin Ryan
Errand of Vengeance - SF
R A Salvatore
Attack of the Clones (Star Wars Episode II) - SF
Sargent & Zebrowski
Garth of Izar SF
Andy Secombe
William Shatner
Shadow Planet - SF
Jan Siegel
Prospero's Children 
Robert Silverberg
Lord Valentine's Castle
The Ultimate Dinosaur - Editor: Robert Silverber
Up the Line
- SF
Dan Simmons
Worlds Enough & Time
Dean Wesley Smith
A Hard Rain - SF
Stefani Sobers
Blessed be the Jewel - Fantasy
S P Somtow
Do Comets Dream?
Dave Stern
What Price Honor?

Dave Stone
Citadel of Dreams - SF

Michael Swanwick
Bones of the Earth - SF/Mystery
Marshall S. Thomas
Soldier of the Legion - SF [Book] [
Sean K. Thompson
Timecross'd: A Love Story Out of Time
Cecilia Dart-Thornton
The Lady of the Sorrows [ 1 ] [ 2 ] - Fantasy
The Ill-Made Mute [ 1 ] [ 2 ] - Fantasy
The Battle of Evernight
Keith Topping
Ghost Ship (Dr. Who) - SF
Beyond The Gate - SF
Alan F. Troop
Dragon Moon
Eric Van Lustbader
The Ring of Five Dragons
John Vornholt
The Genesis Wave 2
The Genesis Wave_3 (Star Trek, No. 3)  - SF 
Genesis Force
Jo Walton
Prize in the Game - Fantasy
Dayton Ward
In the Name of Honor
Freda Warrington 
The Sapphire Throne
Dean Warren
The Last Underclass - SF
Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Well of Darkness

Journey into the Void - Fantasy
Jane Welch
The Lord of Necrond
Dawn of a Dark Age
Tad Williams
Sea of Silver Light
Connie Willis and Sheila Williams
A Woman's Liberation -SF
C.E. Winterland
Awareness - SF
Joseph E. Wright
The Remigrants
Susan Wright
Star Trek: Gateways I: One Small Step
Janny Wurts
Grand Conspiracy


Zakour & Ganem
The Plutonimum Blonde
Sarah Zettel
Kingdom of Cages
A Sorcerer's Treason -Fantasy
David Zindell
The Lightstone - Fantasy
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