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The Last Noel - Linda Berry, Catherine Dain, Steve Brewer, Mat Coward
A Moment on the Edge - Edited by Elizabeth George
Murder and All That Jazz - Edited by Robert J. Randisi

Kinki Lullaby -Isaac Adamson
On the Chopping Block - Bobby Jaye Allen
The Affair of the 39 Cufflinks - James Anderson
Dark End of the Street - Ace Atkins
Dirty South - Ace Atkins [review 1][review 2] [ review 3]
A Dose of Murder - Lori Avocato
Hour Game - David Baldacci
Mr. Timothy - Louis Bayard
Agatha Raisin & The Potted Gardener - M C Beaton
Death of a Poison Pen
- M C Beaton
Fall Guy - Carlo Lea Benjamin
Relative Danger - Charles Benoit   
Humble Pie - Ron and Janet Benrey
Crucial Judgment - Al Blanchard
The Breathtaker- Alice Blanchard
The Midnight Band of Mercy - Michael Blaine
Wrapped Up In Crosswords - Nero Blanc
The Burglar on the Prowl - Lawrence Block [Book] [Audio] 
Monsieur Pamplemouse Hits The Headlines - Michael Bond
Unforced Error - Michael Bowen
Trophy Hunt - C.J. Box
Home Body- Gerry Boyle
Barbados Heat - Don Bruns
Cold Case - Robin Burcell
Deadly Legacy - Robin Burcell
Missing Justice - Alafair Burke  
Library Man - Cary Bybee
The Final Witness - Cary Bybee
Deacon's Horn - Cary Bybee

A Fugitive Truth - Dana Cameron
Dead Heat - Caroline Carver
Bound for Murder - Laura Childs
While the Light Lasts - Agatha Christie
It Had To Be You - Jill Churchill
Love For Sale - Jill Churchill
Popped - Carol Higgins Clark
Quarter for a Kiss - Mindy Starns Clark
The Buck Stops Here - Mindy Starns Clark
Till the Cows Come Home - Judy Clemens
Shadow Play - David Cole
Mum’s The Word - Kate Collins
The Law of Betrayal - Tess Collins
Deadly Redlands - M E Cooper
Deadly Patterns - M E Cooper
Morgue Mama
- C.R. Corwin
The Narrows - Michael Connelly [audio] [book]

The Madonna Murders - Pamela Cranston
Murder at the B-School - Jeffrey L. Cruikshank

 The Alpine Pursuit - Mary Daheim
This Old Souse
- Mary Daheim
The Accusers - Lindsey Davis
Scandal Takes a Holiday
- Lindsey Davis
Double Shot - Diane Mott Davidson [audiobook] [hardcover]
Grave Undertaking - Mark de Castrique
Typhoon Rising - David M. Dibble
Death of an Old Master
- David Dickinson
The Magician’s Death - Paul Doherty
The Gates of Hell - Paul Doherty
Poison in Athens
- Margaret Doody
The V8Ford Blues - Gordon Donnell

Cadillac Beach - Tim Dorsey

Speak Now - Margaret Dumas
Requiem For A Mezzo - Carola Dunn
Murder on the Flying Scotsman - Carola Dunn
Death at Wentwater Court - Carola Dunn
The Winter Garden Mystery - Carola Dunn
The Feline Friendship - Michael Allen Dymmoch

The Coffin Trail - Martin Edwards 
Deadlier than the Pen - Kathy Lynn Emerson
Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula - Loren D Estleman
The Hours of the Virgin - Loren Estleman
Metro Girl - Janet Evanovich [audio book] [hardcover]


Holy Guacamole! - Nancy Fairbanks
Get Out Or Die
- Jane Finnis
Tagged for Murder - Elaine Flinn
The Hunter’s Tale - Margaret Frazer
The Bastards’s Tale - Margaret Frazer
The Novice’s Tale
- Margaret Frazer
The Bodyguard - Christy Tillery French

A Regimental Murder - Ashley Gardner
Regrets Only
- Nancy Geary
Gun Monkeys - Victor Gischler
A Fugue in Hell’s Kitchen - Hal Glatzer
The Thief Taker - Janet Gleeson
Mask of the Night - Philip Gooden
Beneath A Silent Moon - Tracy Grant  
The First 48 - Tim Green [book 1 ] [audio] [book 2]
Murder in Montparnasse - Kerry Greenwood
The Hand of Justice -Susanna Gregory
The Burger Barn on Sunset - Thomas H. Griffith
Hear No Evil - James Grippando
Tropic of Night - Michael Gruber

Rough Draft - James W. Hall
Ice Run - Steve Hamilton

The Mosaic of Shadows - Tom Harper
Murder Walks the Plank - Carolyn Hart
Dust Jacket
- Derek Hart
What Others Know
- L.C.Hayden
Doctored Evidence - Karen Hayes
Plains Crazy - J. M. Hayes
An Image of Death - Libby Fischer Hellmann
The Canterbury Papers - Judith Koll Healey

Hunter’s Dance - Kathleen Hills
Scared Money
- James Hime

Prince of Thieves - Chuck Hogan
The Zero Factor
- John Hoffert

The Edge of the Gulf - Hadley Hury


Double Vision - Randall Ingermanson
Putt to Death
- Roberta Isleib

Beneath The Pyramid & Secrets of the Desert -Christian Jacq
The Outlaws of Ennor - Michael Jecks
The Tolls of Death - Michael Jecks

Double Homicide - Faye Kellerman, Jonathan Kellerman
Murder Unleashed - Lee Charles Kelley
Berried Alive - Kate Kingsbury
Fire When Ready - Kate Kingsbury

The Cutting Room - Laurence Klavan
Whiskey Sour - J.A. Konrath

Death Duties - Janet LaPierre

The Darkest Night - Jodie Larsen
Absolute Friends - John LeCarre [audio]

The Mozart Forgeries
- Daniel N. Leeson
Death At La Fenice - Donna Leon
The First Law - John Lescroart
The Second Chair - John Lescroart
The Big Bounce - Elmore Leonard
Mr. Paradise - Elmore Leonard
Mr. Paradise - Elmore Leonard
[review 2]
Demon of the Air - Simon Levack
Face of the Assassin - David Lindsey
By a Spider's Thread - Laura Lippman
Blood of the Lamb- Michael Lister
After the Rain - Chuck Logan
The Color of Death - Elizabeth Lowell

Deadly Distractions - William Manchee
Plastic Gods - William Manchee
The Butterfly Game
- Gloria Davidson Marlow
Dark Corner
- Brandon Massey
The Pearl Diver - Sujata Massey

The Railway Detective - Edward Marston
Harvard Yard - William Martin
Five For Silver
- Mary Reed & Eric Mayer
The Zero Game - Brad Meltzer [book] [audio]
- Marilyn Meredith [review 1] [review 2]

Heart of the Hunter - Deon Meyer
Blue Blood - Susan McBride [review 1] [review 2]
Invisible - Lorena McCourtney
Bacalao - J T McDaniel
Smoke Screen - Kyle Mills
Honolulu Play-Off - Keith Mills
Taxes, Death, & Trouble - C.M. Miller
Accrual Way To Die - C.M. Miller
The Latest Bombshell - Michele Mitchell
Dance of the Thunder Dogs - Kirk Mitchell
Sky Woman Falling - Kirk Mitchell
Deception - Denise Mina  
A Mourning in Autumn - Harker Moore  
Constable’s Apprehension - Laurie Moore
Fortune’s Slave - Fidelis Morgan
Chaucer & The House of Fame - Philippa Morgan
The Man in My Basement - Walter Mosley [audio]
Little Scarlet - Walter Mosley [Audio] [Book]

The Dangerous Hour - Marcia Muller
Cat Fear No Evil - Shirley Rousseau Murphy
Interrupted Aria- Beverle Graves Myers
Statue of Limitations - Tamar Myers  
Adrenaline - John B. Olsen
The Assignment - Marl Andrew Olsen

The Body in the Attic -Katherine Hall Page
Stone Cold - Robert B. Parker
California Girl
- T. Jefferson Parker

Island of Bones - P.J. Parrish
The Big Bad Wolf - James Patterson [audio]
3rd Degree - Patterson & Gross [Book] [Audio]
London Bridges - James Patterson [book]
The Body of David Hayes - Ridley Pearson
Death of An Effendi - Michael Pearce
Hard Revolution - George Pelecanos [Book] [Audio]
Shoulder The Sky - Anne Perry
A Christmas Journey - Anne Perry
Guardian of the Horizon - Elizabeth Peters
The Murders of Richard III - Elizabeth Peters

Family Claims - Twist Phelan



Artscape - Frederick Ramsay
A Question of Blood - Ian Rankin
Tropic of Murder
- Lev Raphael

The Fire in the Flint - Candace Robb
The Affair of the Incognito Tenant - Lora Roberts
The More Deceived - David Roberts
Until The Last Dog Dies - John Laurence Robinson
Close to Home - Peter Robinson
Playing with Fire - Peter Robinson

Scimitar SL-2 - Patrick Robinson
Sandstorm - James Rollins
Nine Lives Too Many - John F. Rooney
Bury the Lead - David Rosenfelt
The Promise of a Lie - Howard Roughan
The Ghosts of Glevum - Rosemary Rowe
The Ancaster Demons - Norman Russell


Dissolution - C J Sansom
Killer Smile - Lisa Scottoline
Strange But True - John Searles
Unwilling Accomplice - Barbara Seranella
Death by Deep Dish Pie
- Sharon Short

Dead End - Judith Skillings
Five O'Clock Shadow - Susan Slater
The Sunday Philosophy Club - Alexander McCall Smith  
Blue Twilight - Jessica Speart
Wash and Wear - Bill Stackhouse [review 1] [Review 2]

Blood on the Leaves - Jeff Stetson
Loaded Dice - James Swain
Murder of a Pink Elephant - Denise Swanson


In Death's Shadow - Marcia Talley
Master of the Game - William Tepper
The Chains of Albion - Edwin Thomas
The Blighted Cliffs - Edwin Thomas

Second Act - Marilyn Todd
Badger’s Moon - Peter Tremayne

The Chinese Bell Murders - Robert Van Gulik
The Chinese Gold Murders - Robert Van Gulik
The Madd Mountain Murders - Lana Waite
Unnatural Instinct - Robert W. Walker
Desert Shadows -Betty Webb
A Hoe Lot of Trouble - Heather Webber
Is Nothing Sacred? - Walter von Wegen
The Secret Hour - Scott Westerfeld
‘Til Death Do Us Part- Kate White
Parthian Shot - David Wishart
Black - Christopher Whitcomb
Show-Me Murder
- CJ Winters


The Number of Infinity - A.K. Zander
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