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Techno-Noir - Eva Batonne and Jeffrey Marks, eds.
A Merry Band of Murderers - Edited by Claudia Bishop and Don Bruns
Sugarplums and Scandal - Dana Cameron, Mary Daheim, Lori Avocato, Cait London, Suzanne Macpherson
Bark M for Murder - J.A. Jance, Virginia Lanier, Chassie West, Lee Charles Kelley
Deadly Housewives - Edited by Christine Matthews
The Sword of Shame - The Medieval Murderers Staff
Fear - Jeff Abbott
Oblivion - Peter Abrahams
Axel of Evil - Alina Adams
Death Drop - Alina Adams
Bleeding Hearts - Susan Wittig Albert
The Tale of Cuckoo Brow Wood - Susan Wittig Albert
The Burning of Rachel Hayes - Doug Allyn
The Trouble With Magic - Madelyn Alt
The Black Rose Murder and Other Cases - Clay Anderson
False Impression - Jeffrey Archer
The Blood of Angels - Reed Arvin
The Last Cato - Matilde Asensi
Aunt Dimity and the Deep Blue Sea - Nancy Atherton
One Good Turn - Kate Atkinson [audio]
Wild Indigo - Sandi Ault
Twisted Perception - Bob Avey
Deep Sea Dead - Lori Avocato
Dolled Up For Murder - Deb Baker
Murder Passes The Buck - Deb Baker
The Camel Club - David Baldacci [audio]
The Collectors - David Baldacci
The Collectors -David Baldacci [audio]
Smokey Mountain Tracks - Donna Ball
The Torch of Tangier - Aileen G. Baron
Carved in Bone - Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson
Agatha Raisin and The Fairies of Fryfam - M C Beaton
Agatha Raisin and The Love From Hell - M C Beaton
Agatha Raisin & The Murderous Marriage - M C Beaton
Agatha Raisin & The Terrible Tourist - M C Beaton
Agatha Raisin & The Wellspring of Death - M C Beaton
Agatha Raisin and The Witch of Wyckhadden - M C Beaton
Agatha Raisin & The Wizard of Evesham - M C Beaton
Death of a Dreamer - M C Beaton
Criminal Investigation Detachment - Don Bendell
The Hard Way - Carol Lea Benjamin
Without a Word - Carol Lea Benjamin
The Wrong Dog - Carol Lea Benjamin
Out of Order - Charles Benoit
Meter Made - M. D. Benoit
The Final Crumpet - Ron and Janet Benrey
In the Wash - Rebecca Benston
The Path of the Dead - Caroline Benton
Lifeless - Mark Billingham
The Case of the Roasted Onion - Claudia Bishop
Cutting Blades - Victoria Blake
Death on the Diagonal - Nero Blanc
Cooking up Murder - Miranda Bliss
All the Flowers are Dying - Lawrence Block
Burglar in the Closet - Lawrence Block
The Mortician’s Daughter - Elizabeth Bloom
Black Fly Season - Giles Blunt
The Third Princess - Philip Boast
Testing the Spirits - R. K. Bohm
Dead Birds Don't Sing - Brenda M. Boldin
Shock Wave - James O. Born
Putting Lipstick on a Pig - Michael Bowen
Another Kind of War - D. Edward Bradley
The Iceland Connection - D. Edward Bradley
Under Pressure - Kathy Brandt
Cold Dark Matter - Alex Brett
Stabbing at the Stables -Simon Brett
Deadly Greetings - Elizabeth Bright
Mrs. Jeffries Appeals the Verdict - Emily Brightwell
The Doctor’s Wife- Elizabeth Brundage
Shadows - Edna Buchanan
The Scout Master - Luisa Buehler
Raiders of the Lost Corset - Ellen Byerrum
Ashes and Bones - Dana Cameron
Rounding the Mark - Andrea Camilleri
The Chocolate Bridal Bash - Joanna Carl
The Chocolate Mouse Trap - Joanna Carl
Chocolate Dipped Death - Sammi Carter
Hornswoggled - Donis Casey
Foolish Undertaking - Mark de Castrique
Trojan Horse - Marc Cerasini
Stinger - Diana R. Chambers
The Hard Way - Lee Child
Blood Orange Brewing - Laura Childs
Motif for Murder - Laura Childs
The Lucifer Gospel - Paul Christopher
Girl in a Red Tunic - Alys Clare
Two Little Girls in Blue - Mary Higgins Clark
Blind Dates Can Be Murder - Mindy Starns Clark
The Trouble With Tulip - Mindy Starns Clark
To Thine Own Self Be True - Judy Clemens
Tug of War - Barbara Cleverly
Drowning Man - Margaret Coel
Eye of the Wolf - Margaret Coel
Wife of Moon - Margaret Coel
Snipped in the Bud - Kate Collins
Bones Buried Deep - Max Allan Collins
Road to Purgatory - Max Allan Collins
Wives and Sisters - Natalie R Collins
Steamed - Jessica Conant-Park and Susan Conant
Gaits of Heaven - Susan Conant
Echo Park - Michael Connelly [audio]
Red Leaves - Thomas Cook
Rise to Victory - R Cameron Cooke
Hong Kong - Stephen Coonts [audio book]
Out With The Tide - Brian Cooper
Murder Most Frothy - Cleo Coyle
Vineyard Prey - Philip R Craig
In a Dark House - Deborah Crombie
Mourn Not Your Dead - Deborah Crombie
Dead Man Docking - Mary Daheim
Saks and Violins - Mary Daheim
The Enemy of God - Robert Daley
Death of a Musketeer - Sarah D’Almeida
Crimson Snow - Jeanne M. Dams
Some Like It Haute - Julie K L Dam
Spider Blue - Carla Damron
Charmed to Death - Shirley Damsgaard
Witch Way to Murder - Shirley Damsgaard
Don of the Dead - Casey Daniels
Final Intuition - Claire Daniels
Vanity Fire - John M. Daniel
Missing, Presumed Undead - Jeremy Davies
Obsessed - Ted Dekker
Burden of Memory - Vicki Delany
The Lion's Game - Nelson DeMille [audio]
Wild Fire - Nelson DeMille [audio]
Proof Evident - John Dicke
Death Called To The Bar - David Dickinson
Death Row Defender - Ray Dix
The Big Bamboo - Tim Dorsey
Head Games - Tim Downs
Plague Maker - Tim Downs
Old Bones Buried Under - June Drummond
Juty Master - Robert Dugoni
How to Succeed in Murder - Margaret Dumas
The Bookwoman's Last Fling - John Dunning
For Better or Hearse - Laura Durham
Death in West Wheeling - Michael Allen Dymmoch
White Tiger - Michael Allen Dymmoch

Murder Can Run Your Stockings - Selma Eichler
The Last Assassin - Barry Eisler
Old Bones - Aaron Elkins
Unnatural Selection - Aaron Elkins
Face Down Beside St Anne’s Well - Kathy Lynn Emerson
Fatal as a Fallen Woman - Kathy Lynn Emerson
Footprints of the Devil - Olive Etchells
Murder Over Easy - Jimmie Ruth Evans
Bon Bon Voyage - Nancy Fairbanks
The Flaming Luau of Death - Jerrilyn Farmer
Improbable - Adam Fawer
Sins and Needles - Monica Ferris
A Question of Murder - Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain
Three Strikes and You’re Dead - Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain
No Man's Land - G. M. Ford
Dead Heat - Jacey Ford
Malicious Intent - Kathryn Fox
Saddlemaker's Wife - Earlene Fowler
Pale Immortal - Anne Frasier
A Play of Knaves - Margaret Frazer
The Sempster’s Tale - Margaret Frazer
The Bishop’s Tale - Margaret Frazer
The Bodyguard and the Show Dog - Christy Tillery French
The Bodyguard and the Show Dog - Christy Tillery French (review 2)
Catch Me When I Fall - Nicci French
Run the Risk - Scott Frost
A Harvest of Bones - Yasmine Galenorn
One Hex of a Wedding - Yasmine Galenorn
The Collector- Michele Galindez
A Body in Berkeley Square - Ashley Gardner
A Covent Garden Mystery - Ashley Gardner
Day of the False King - Brad Geagley
Year of the Hyenas - Brad Geagley
With No One As Witness - Elizabeth George
The Mephisto Club - Tess Gerritsen
The Last Full Measure - Hal Glatzer
The Dead Letter - Lee Goldberg
Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii - Lee Goldberg
Come Closer - Sara Gran
The Bishop in the Old Neighborhood - Andrew M Greeley
Irish Crystal - Andrew M.Greeley
Kingdom Come - Tim Green [Audio]
Kingdom Come - Tim Green
Cocaine Blues - Kerry Greenwood
Death At Victoria Dock - Kerry Greenwood
Flying Too High - Kerry Greenwood
Murder on the Ballarat Train - Kerry Greenwood
A Conspiracy of Violence - Susanna Gregory
The Tarnished Chalice - Susanna Gregory
Belle Ruin - Martha Grimes
Beyond Suspicion - James Grippando [audio book]
Got The Look - James Grippando
Night of the Jaguar - Michael Gruber
The Gold Masters - Robert Hale
Orkney Scrolls - Lyn Hamilton
The Executioner’s Game - Gary Hardwick
What Angels Fear - C S Harris
Gentlemen and Players - Joanne Harris
Dead Days of Summer - Carolyn Hart
Death of the Party - Carolyn Hart
Darkness and Light - John Harvey
Flesh and Blood - John Harvey
The Devil of Nanking - Mo Hayder
The Tooth of Time - Sue Henry
The Tooth of Time - Sue Henry (review 2)
The Baby Game - Randall Hicks
Good Morning Midnight - Reginald Hill
The Stranger House - Reginald Hill
Skeleton Man - Tony Hillerman
Witch Cradle - Kathleen Hills
The Time of Reckoning - John Hoffert
Blondes Have More Felons - Alesia Holliday
Mrs. Malory and A Death In the Family - Hazel Holt
The Betrayed - David Hosp
Dead Boogie - Victoria Houston
Wreath of Deception - Mary Ellen Hughes
A Blush With Death - India Ink
Hot Wired - Jane Isenberg
Final Fore - Roberta Isleib
The Egyptian Coffin - Jane Jakeman
Fool's Gold - Jane Jakeman
In the City of Dark Waters - Jane Jakeman
Edge of Evil - J.A. Jance
Long Time Gone - J.A. Jance
Abbot's Gibbet - Michael Jecks
The Crediton Killings - Michael Jecks
The Death Ship of Dartmouth - Michael Jecks
A Friar’s Bloodfeud - Michael Jecks
Somewhere Deep in the Night - Bryan Jernigan
Situation Sabotage - Graeme Johns
Fine-Feathered Death - Linda O. Johnston
Nothing to Fear But Ferrets - Linda O. Johnston
Not A Girl Detective - Susan Kandel
The Ragtime Kid - Larry Karp
First, Do No Harm - Larry Karp
The Adventures of Guy Noir - Garrison Keillor
False Prophet - Faye Kellerman
The Garden of Eden and Other Criminal Delights - Faye Kellerman [audio]
The Garden of Eden and Other Criminal Delights - Faye Kellerman [book]
Dogged Pursuit - Lee Charles Kelley
The Session - Judith Kelman
A Garden of Vipers - Jack Kerley
The Last Templar - Raymond Khoury
Madonna of the Apes - Nicholas Kilmer
The Ghost and the Dead Man’s Library - Alice Kimberly
The Art of Detection - Laurie R King
A Grave Talent - Laurie R King
The Beekeeper’s Apprentice - Laurie R King
Eye of Vengeance - Jonathan King
Slay Bells - Kate Kingsbury
An Unmentionable Murder - Kate Kingsbury
Wedding Rows - Kate Kingsbury
The Elixir of Death - Bernard Knight\
The Husband - Dean Koontz
Now You See Me - Rochelle Krich
Do-Re-Mi - Ken Kuhlken
Sign of The Cross - Chris Kuzneski
Cause for Murder - Betty Sullivan La Pierre
Death and the Cornish Fiddler - Deryn Lake
Falls the Shadow - William Lashner
Marked Man - William Lashner
Killer Insight - Victoria Laurie
A Vison of Murder - Victoria Laurie
Fruit of the Poisoned Tree - Joyce and Jim Lavene
Death and Judgment - Donna Leon
The Hot Kid - Elmore Leonard
The Hunt Club - John Lescroart
City of Spies - Simon Levack
The Deep Blue Alibi: Solomon vs. Lord - Paul Levine
Feint of Art - Hailey Lind
Shooting Gallery - Haley Lind
To The Power of Three - Laura Lippman
The Wall - Jeff Long
Always Time To Die - Elizabeth Lowell
Louisa and the Crystal Gazer - Anna MacLean
Cactus Island - William Manchee
Two Wrongs - Morgan Mandel
Murder Most Holy - Michael J. Manno
Lost Lake - Phillip Margolin
Proof Positive - Philip Margolin
Winter's Child - Margaret Maron
Blood of the Angels - Michael Marshall
The Excursion Train - Edward Marston
Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too - Nancy Martin
Twist and Shout Murder - Rosemary Martin
The Finishing School - Michele Martinez
Murder on a Hot Tin Roof - Amanda Matetsky
Bone Valley - Claire Matturro
Wildcat Wine - Claire Matturro
Extraordinary People - Peter May
The Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club - Susan McBride
On The Run - Lorena McCourtney
Stranded - Lorena McCourtney
Riders Down - John McEvoy
Nothing But Trouble - Michael McGarrity
The Merchant’s Mark - Pat McIntosh
Revolution No. 9 - Neil McMahon
The Burry Man’s Day - Catriona McPherson
Million Dollar Baby - Amy Patricia Meade
The Book of Fate - Brad Meltzer [audio]
The Book of Fate - Brad Meltzer
Murder by the Book - D.R.Meredith
Dead at Daybreak - Deon Meyer
Dead Before Dying - Deon Meyer
Detachment Fault - Susan Cummins Miller
The Second Horseman- Kyle Mills
Dead Hour - Denise Mina
Field of Blood - Denise Mina
Our Girl in Washington - Michele Mitchell
The Majolica Murders - Deborah Morgan
Chaucer & The Doctor of Physic - Philippa Morgan
Chaucer & The Legend of Good Women - Philippa Morgan
Fear of the Dark - Walter Mosley
Fear of the Dark - Walter Mosley [audio]
The Deadly Embrace - Robert J. Mrazek
Cruel Music - Beverle Graves Myers
Assault and Pepper - Tamar Myers
The Cane Mutiny - Tamar Myers
Dead Men Don’t Lye - Tim Myers
A Flicker of Doubt - Tim Myers
A Pour Way To Dye - Tim Myers
The Golden Door - Charles B Nam
City of Tiny Lights - Patrick Neate
Second Hand Smoke - Karen E Olson
Body in the Snowdrift - Katherine Hall Page
Death on the Lizard - Robin Paige
Love You Madly - Linda Palmer
Iron Ties - Ann Parker
Black Arrow - I J Parker
Cross - James Patterson [audio]
Judge and Jury - James Patterson and Andrew Gross [book]
Judge & Jury - Patterson & Gross [audio]
The 5th Horseman - James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
The 5th Horseman - James Patterson, Maxine Paetro [audio]
Beach Road- James Patterson, Peter de Jonge [audio]
Thomas Berryman Number - James Patterson [audio]
Season of the Machete - James Patterson [audio]
An Unquiet Grave - P.J.Parrish
California Girl - T. Jefferson Parker
The Fallen - T.Jefferson Parker
The Heat of the Moon - Sandra Parshall
A Dead Man in Athens - Michael Pearce
The Night Gardener - George Pelecanos [audio]
Red Hot Murder - Joanne Pence
To Catch a Cook - Joanne Pence
Murder at the Foul Line - Edited by Otto Penzler
One Cold Night - Kate Pepper
Dark Assassin - Anne Perry
A Christmas Guest - Anne Perry
The Mummy Case - Elizabeth Peters
The Serial Killers Club - Jeff Povey
Say It With Bullets - Richard Powell
Laguna - Michael Putegnat
Impulse - Frederick Ramsey
Blood Hunt - Ian Rankin
Roots of Evil - Sarah Rayne
Spider Light - Sarah Rayne
Next of Kin - Ami Elizabeth Reeves
Break no Bones - Kathy Reichs
Constable On The Coast - Nicholas Rhea
Prize Murder - Nicholas Rhea
Blessed Is The Busybody - Emilie Richards
Born in Death - J. D. Robb
To Skin A Cat - John Laurence Robinson
Piece of My Heart - Peter Robinson
Map of Bones - James Rollins
A Roman Ransom - Rosemary Rowe
Sorrow Without End - Priscilla Royal
Living in Darkness - John A Roynesdal
The Interpretation of Murder - Jed Rubenfeld
Boy With Perfect Hands - Sheldon Rusch
For Edgar - Sheldon Rusch
Murder in a Mill Town - P B Ryan
Murder in the North End - P. B. Ryan
Murder on Black Friday - P B Ryan
Still Life With Murder - P B Ryan
Drive - James Sallis
In Firm Pursuit - Pamela Samuels-Young
Color Blind - Jonathan Santlofer
Murder By the Glass - Michele Scott
Dirty Blonde - Lisa Scottoline [audio book]
The Burgundian’s Tale - Kate Sedley
The Prodigal Son - Kate Sedley
A Deadly Yarn - Maggie Sefton
Needled To Death - Maggie Sefton
The Bug Funeral - Sarah R Shaber
Death By Committee - Carole Shmurak
Hung out to Die -Sharon Short
Deceit - James Siegel [book]
Deceit - James Siegel [audio]
Secret Supper - Javier Sierra
Cattery Row - Clea Simon
Little Faith - Michael Simon
Little Faith - Michael Simon [review 2]
Driven to Murder - Judith Skillings
Dead In The Water - Julie Smith
Blue Shoes and Happiness - Alexander McCall Smith
Restless Waters - Jessica Speart
Did You Declare the Corpse? - Patricia Sprinkle
Public Enemy - Will Staeger
A Fatal Appraisal - J B Stanley
A Killer Collection - J B Stanley
Ask the Parrot - Richard Stark
Bubbles All the Way - Sarah Strohmeyer
Murder of a Real Bad Boy - Denise Swanson
Dead Giveaway - Leanne Sweeney
This Enemy Town - Marcia Talley
Arizona Dreams - Jon Talton
Murder by Deadline - Mel Taylor
A Case of Imagination - Jane Tesh
Scorpion Rising - Marilyn Todd
Badger’s Moon - Peter Tremayne
Midnight Clear - Kathy Hogan Trocheck
Murder at the Washington Tribune - Margaret Truman
Forcing Amaryllis - Louise Ure
High Heels Are Murder - Elaine Viets
Murder Unleashed - Elaine Viets
The Next - Dan Vining
Bye Bye Black Sheep - Ayelet Waldman
A Rare Murder in Princeton - Ann Waldron
City For Ransom - Robert W Walker
The Reunion - Sue Walker
When Evil Prospers - John Washburn
When Evil Prospers - John Washburn [2nd review]
A Peach of a Murder - Livia J Washburn
Desert Run - Betty Webb
Trouble in Spades - Heather Webber
White - Christopher Whitcomb
Kill Me - Stephen White
Unquiet Spirit - Derek Wilson
The Hidden Assassins - Robert Wilson
Messenger of Truth - Jacqueline Winspear
The Spider's Touch - Patricia Wynn
Brethren - Robyn Young
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